Wahl - Ladies Personal Grooming Kit

Wahl complete confidence personal grooming kit with vertical trimmer head and energizer ultimate lithium aa battery, 4 - position guide comb (2, 4, 6, 8 mm).
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Get rid of your body hair instantly at home without any hassle with the Wahl 05604-324 Cordless Grooming Kit that features a Standard Precision Trimmer Blade, 4 Position Adjustable Guide Comb, and a Shaver Foil Blade for perfect trimming and shaving. This trimmer features the Wahl Blade technology to ensure the right result every single time. The 4 Position Adjustable Guide Comb makes it easy and convenient to get the right hair length. You can get a 0.5 mm trim without the comb, and a 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, or 8 mm trim with the adjustable guide comb. This blade is ideal for a close shave on the sensitive areas of your body. The foil design does not pull hair while trimming, and it helps to reduce pain. This blade and guide are suitable for grooming your eyebrows. This Wahl trimmer runs on a replaceable and durable lithium cell battery. This battery, along with the precision ground blades, ensures one-pass trimming without snagging or pulling. Using a motor, these attachments offer convenient and effortless groom.
  • Vertical trimmer head, detail trimmer head, single foil shaver head 4 - Position guide comb (2, 4, 6, 8 mm) 2 eyebrow guide combs
  • Energizer ultimate lithium aa battery
Multi-Grooming kit -Trimmer, Eyebrow Detailer, Precision trimmer & Mini Shaver, Complete Body Grooming Kit For Full Body Grooming As Well As Smaller Detailing Areas.