Serum Jeunesse

Hair serum treatment for thinning and greying hair
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A hair serum to treat thinning and greying hair concerns by compensating for the loss of hair quality. Enriched with Stemoxydine and Anti-Ox Cellular, it protects the melanin of the hair while also helping the hair fibre regain its original youthfulness. Hair glows with restored supple softness and volume making it easier to style.
Stemoxydine®: Mimics stem cells optimal environment that allows their interaction and awakens dormant follicles. Anti-OX Cellular®:Antioxidant complex to prevent the loss of melanin. Ceramides & Texturizing Polymer: Compensate the loss of melanin of the hairIngredients.,
Compensates loss of quality Protects melanin of the hair Hair fiber regain its initial youthfulness and glow Supple softeness and dazzling volume Density & Volume Shine & Manageability Restores youthful softness
On washed towel-dried hair, aApply 2-3 doses directly on the scalp section by section. Massage with fingers. Spray 3-4 doses on the lengths and comb to distribute the product equally. Do not rinse. Use the hair drier to activate the treatment.
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