Serum Initialiste

Advanced concentrate for new beautiful hair and a healthy scalp
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An advanced scalp and hair concentrate for strength and regeneration. Its combination of ingredients like native plant cells, anti-oxidants and Ceramides boost cellular metabolism, protect the stem cell environment from oxydative stress and reinforce the hair fibre. Hair is stronger at the root, more resistant and less prone to breakage with hair quality visibly enhanced.
Gluco Peptide: Enters the deepest layers of the cuticle to strengthen existing hair and stimulate growth. Wheat Protein Derivative: Improves the flexibility and elasticity of damaged hair, restoring uniformity and smoothness. Native Plant Cells: Ensures deep hydration, reducing the risk of weakened roots,
Helps strenghten hair. Reduces hair breakage. Illuminates hair making it more shiny. Adds substance to thicken hair.
Apply to towel-dried hair directly on the scalp and massage the product through lengths. Use 2 doses on fine hair and 4 doses on thick hair (1 dose = 1 squeeze on the pipette). Proceed to blowdry. Leave-in.
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