What kids should know about taking care of their hair
What kids should know about taking care of their hair

It is difficult to make kids understand the importance of haircare but as adults, it is our responsibility to make sure they are well aware about it. Washing hair is good but what you really need to be sure is for them to wash their scalp. Teach your kid to get their hair and scalp clean by doing the below.

Get the hair really wet.

Use a little amount of shampoo. A squirt about the size of a coin is enough.

Massage the shampoo into your scalp. Make sure you don't scrub the scalp too hard.

Rinse really well, until you don't see any more bubbles on their head or going down the drain.

Gently dry the hair with a towel.

Comb it out carefully with a wide-tooth comb, especially if it's curly. Don't yank or tug on it, because that can break the hair or pull it out.

Let the hair air dry whenever you can. Avoid Hair dryers since it can be tough on hair.

 Sometimes kids complain about their scalp being itchy, it could be mostly because the scalp is dry and flaky since they aren’t rinsing out all the shampoo. If they end up having dandruff, scratching the scalp makes the skin flake off and lands on their clothes. Its noticeable when they are wearing clothes with dark colours and its quite a dampener. You can visit any dermatologist who can consult the scalp of your child and recommend products which can be suitable for them

How often kids should wash their hair depends on what it's like and what they do during the day. If their hair gets oily quickly, it needs to be washed more often because straight hair can get oily quickly. Very curly hair is not as oily and can be washed less often. If kid has very curly or thick hair, it might get too dry and look frizzy. So, using a conditioner after they wash their hair is recommended to make it look better.

There are a lot of things that can damage hair texture. To protect your little one’s hair, make sure that they are careful around:

  • The sun (which is one reason why kids should wear a hat when they go outside).
  • Chemicals (such as chlorine) in pools (so they should wash their hair after swimming in a pool).
  • Products and treatments that make hair curly or straight or change its color.
  • Things used to style your hair, such as curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers (so don't use them too much, especially if their hair seems to be getting drier or breaks easily).

While it can be a task to make them realise the importance of haircare, we need to do it for them in a manner which doesn’t overwhelm or scare them. Treat haircare as a fun bonding activity and appreciate them when they do so. A child’s spirit is perfect and joyful, let their hair also reflect the same.