Tips to achieve smudge-proof and long-lasting kohl application
Tips to achieve smudge-proof and long-lasting kohl application

No matter how flawless your facial makeup is, it is not considered complete until your eyes are not lined. Since ancient times in Egypt, applying kohl or kajal is used for eyeliner and eye protection. Kohl protects against eye infections and also safeguards your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. When used in its pure form, it is a coolant, which enhances eyesight, prevents eye inflammation and redness, and boosts eyelash health.

Clearly, the use of face makeup and cosmetics is not a new concept. But there has always been a challenge of kohl smudging. Kajal can smudge for a number of reasons. Some common ones among them are humid weather, oily skin, watery eyes, bad ingredients or product quality.

Here are some tips to get flawless kajal look with these tips to make your kohl smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Oily skin can be a problem

Oily skin is one of the reasons your kohl smears. Kajal also smudges if you have very oily skin. But due to our weather conditions, there is little we can do to change our skin type. Hence here is what you can do - apply an ice cube to get rid of the oiliness around the eyes and keep the eye area clean. 

Dab some powder around the eyes

Before applying kajal, dab some compact powder or normal powder near your under eye area to set the kajal. That's the area which remains wet most of the time and there are more chances of smudging.

Go for a quality product

There are many kajal products available in the market which are smudge-proof. Pick up kajal which comes in sleek stick form as they apply to the waterline very well and don’t smudge too much. Also, we recommend gel liners since they are amazing, and they do not smudge.

Lock it with an eyeshadow

Lock your kajal with a good quality black or brown eyeshadow of your choice with the help of a sponge tip applicator to put eyeshadow just below the water line and not inside. This will help your kajal stay in place for long!

Avoid using in the inner corner

Applying kajal in the inner corner makes them runnier. Hence apply the darker coat of kajal at the centre and then taper it up as you move towards the outer corner.

Master the technique of kohl application

Make it a point to blot your eyes before application. Powder the eye area, glide kohl from out to in, under the waterline, now smudge it and lock it with a powder eyeshadow. Apply white or nude kohl on the waterline. This trick will also make your eyes look bigger. Also please make sure that you avoid touching your eye area if you get watery eyes. 


This post has been co-authored by our makeup expert, Priya Sureka.