Taking care of customers during a lockdown
Taking care of customers during a lockdown

While all of us are doing our best to battle this pandemic, the lockdown has been quite stressful for most of us. The places we used to visit, friends we used to meet and making plans to go out seem like a thing of the past.

While we understand the importance and the necessity of a lockdown, there is no shying away from saying that we miss serving our customers a lot! Being part of an experience when a customer stands taller due to a great haircut or the excitement of a new hair colour, the visible change in confidence is infectious.

Apart from that, our salon team considers the rapport and bond they share with their customers invaluable. Hence, for the past couple of weeks, Enrich launched an initiative called “Call is well”. Stylists and beauty technicians from salons called up their customers proactively and enquired about their well- being. The team was able to reach 70,000+ customers. Further, they checked if the customers were facing any concerns related to hair or skin and they were guided with home care tips. Also, with the extended lockdown, quite a few of our customers were falling short of their favourite self-care products – we helped them arranging the home delivery for those as well.

While it felt great for the team to reconnect with their customers, the idea was to find ways in taking care of them. How can we reach out to more people who might need help in grooming! That’s when the team decided to put out DIY videos on Instagram where our hair & skin experts Sareena Acharya & Rukshmani Thakkar respectively shared their advice.

Healthy scalp with ease

A useful tip to keep your scalp healthy which can be easily done at home


Hair washing tip

Not all of us are washing our hair right, here is the right way to do it.


Dry shampooing at home

There might be situations in our homes where we might face water shortage but you don’t have to stop taking care of your hair.


DIY threading

We know that you badly miss our team to get your eyebrows done, but here is how you can manage threading temporarily by yourself at home.


Quick skin care tip for men

Men are not famous for having regard for their skin but they absolutely should. This is a skin care tip for men which will not take much of your time.


Keep your beard dandruff-free

If you are growing  a beard, taking care of it is absolutely important. Otherwise, there is a chance of dandruff developing which will make you very uncomfortable. Do check out tips on how to keep your beard dandruff-free.


Above are some of the videos which have been posted. To get more updates and DIY videos, follow @enrichsalons on Instagram and we will make sure that even if you are unable to visit our salon, we will do our best to take care of you.