Me to we – Love begins with us
Me to we – Love begins with us

At Enrich salons, we know that we will be opening our doors to a changed world.

A world where each of us must care for one another.

A world where ‘Me’ has to cede ground to ‘we’.

At Enrich, we won't just embrace this change, we will become this change.

By putting people’s safety above all else, our past will stand us in good stead as we have years of learning to draw upon.

Years of building hygiene habits to a point where they have become second nature.

It is this caring nature that will enable us to rise to the challenge.

By further strengthening our stringent hygiene & safety practices, aimed at caring for you, and for those around you.

Before you visit your favourite enrich salon, visit to better understand all that we are doing for you and all of us too!