Leading by collaboration, not competition
Leading by collaboration, not competition

Any company in any industry needs strong leadership to achieve any kind of success. We have been inundated with inspirational leadership quotes on every social media platform so everyone pretty much understands how leadership works. It's one thing to read about it and another to execute it. The one attribute about leadership nobody talks about is that the way a team leads a company, it gives you an idea of the culture of the company. Ideally, it should be impossible to dissociate the decision of the company and the values associated with it.

Enrich has been working for the past 2 decades making sure every decision is in line with the values they have. On a superficial level, all you can see is a customer visiting the salon and getting groomed. However, there is a subtext to it that when you look good, you feel good. In a way, Enrich is all about providing self-esteem. Hence empathy and nurture are the foremost values in their operation.

Right now, we are surviving a global pandemic and it has changed the way we look at the things which we used to take for granted. For all of us, it is a simple haircut or getting our eyebrows done. While the customer side is always relatable to everyone, there is a significant impact on the Beauty & Wellness sector. Salons have been shut for more than a month and everyone had to revaluate their hygiene standards. The focus was on how to provide the customers with the safest possible environment – And what will be the new rules in this new world!

Enrich has always been ahead of the curve in adapting to change and constantly imbibing innovation in their operations. During such uncertain times, the team stayed true to the values and approached this situation with collaboration in mind and not competition. This is a world where each one of us must care for one another.

Hence the leadership team at Enrich took it upon themselves to participate in as many webinars and forums remotely to share their knowledge which can help the entire industry.  Mr. Bhupesh Dinger, one of the Directors participated in a webinar by Retailers Association of India which discussed the roadmap for retail business. Mr. Sachin Kamat shared his insights on a virtual conference discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the industry which was organized by wellnessindia.org. Finally, Founder & Director, Mr. Vikram Bhatt, shared his learnings in a webinar by Professional Beauty India on a panel discussion ‘How salon chains are coping with the pandemic and what's the Plan B’. Also, Mr. Bhatt represented the industry in a conference with Mr. Nitin Gadkari sharing the concerns & suggestions of the beauty & wellness sector.

Leadership helping a company achieve success had been the norm however now, its all about taking care of everyone and helping each other to achieve success. That has been and always will be Enrich’s belief.