How to get Salon style hair at Home
How to get Salon style hair at Home

A larger part of our country is in the 5th phase of Lockdown and as much as we miss having you at our salon, we know that you miss visiting us too! Especially your favorite hairstylist. Until we reopen our doors to serve you, we have got you covered with regards to styling your hair.

Every person has different hair type and each hair needs a different method of styling. So keeping that in mind, here are some steps which help you get closer to salon perfect style every time.

Natural-looking soft waves:

Spray some heat protector onto the hair, divide hair into 2 sections and braid each section and secure it with an elastic band. Use a flat iron over braid, pressing it for a couple of seconds starting from top to ends. Open the braid once hair cools down and finger comb the hair. Use a light serum or a spray to add some shine. (L’Oreal professional’s tech-ni Art Constructor is an amazing lightweight heat protector)

To enhance curls:

Begin with using product appropriate for defining and hydrating curls. Mixing a few could be a great idea. e.g. A smoothening serum + Hair mousse or any curl defining cream. Dampen the hair, put your hair up-side down, apply the product on mid-shaft to ends in scrunching action. Do not finger comb hair as it may open-up curls). Put hair back in normal position and scrunch again. (Kerastase’s Crème Oleo Curl is perfect to hydrate curly locks)

For beachy waves:

One of the best ways to create or enhance texture is scrunching it using your palms and fingers and using salt spray over it will help create tousled beachy texture. DIY salt Spray- add a spoonful of sea salt in half a litre of water, mix it well and preserve it in a spray bottle for use.

To define soft curls:

Beginning with applying hair mousse on damp hair or spray head protector, tie a high pony and roll it inwards from ends towards the scalp and secure it with pins creating a bun. Blow heat from distance with your hairdryer over the bun. Open it once the hair is completely cool, apply some shine serum or spray and enjoy bouncy soft curls.

There you go! To get salon style hair at home, it’s very important to use correct products before and after styling the hair for long lasting results. You can get your favorite self-care products by exploring the product section on the app/website.