Going above and beyond for our customers
Going above and beyond for our customers

Businesses are often looked at as profit-driven entities with no heart. While the outlook can be debatable, all it takes to change the mindset is an act of kindness. This narrative is about how a business entity can be human enough to make a difference in someone's life.

On one day, our Hairstylist Afia got a call from a potential client named Aishwarya, requesting for a haircut at home for her younger sister. Since Enrich provides only skin services at home, committing to the request was a challenge. However, Aishwarya further explained why she was making this special request.

The younger sister, Mohini, had a very rare condition named muscular dystrophy (the patient is unable to stand or sit upright, and eventually loses muscle mass). Even if she had come to the salon for the haircut, she would have been unable to sit upright for more than 3-4 minutes, even with cushions to support her. Hence, the salon team had a discussion with the Zonal Head, and with special permission, accepted the request made by Aishwarya, on humanitarian grounds. 

A haircut is a regular thing for those of us who lead a normal life. For someone afflicted by a degenerative condition, it may be a very special thing. It was incredibly inspiring for the team to see the kind of person Mohini was. She was as charming, keen, inquisitive, and meticulous as any of us living a normal life. What impressed most about her was her acceptance of her situation. Even though her mobility was limited, Mohini lived her life with vivacity and energy, using a positive outlook which all of us should cultivate in our respective lives.


After the haircut was done, Aishwarya (her elder sister) commented that she had called all the premium salon brands and even some local parlours to make an exception by providing the service at home, to no avail. Finally, even though Enrich was quite far away (almost 10 km), she thought of calling since she was left with hardly any option. She was ready to face rejection again, but to her happy surprise, not only did Enrich respond positively to the request, they got a salon-like experience at home, at no extra charge!

Afia Faruk’s thoughtful and responsive attitude was recognised by Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India(TRRAIN) and she was awarded customer service excellence award at the TTRAIN Retail awards 2020.