Enrich salons & Academy are CIDESCO certified
Enrich salons & Academy are CIDESCO certified

Founded in 1946 in Brussels with their Head Office in Zurich, Switzerland, Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie – CIDESCO is the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy. Apart from establishing and upholding the highest standards of Beauty & Spa therapies throughout the world, their aim is to promote the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information through regular marketing activities, networking events and at their annual international Congress. By accrediting Salons, CIDESCO aims to signify a uniform high standard of services at an international level.

Enrich has successfully managed to get all their salons certified by CIDESCO. It was not an easy task, but the team knew its an important one. In order to get certified, CIDESCO team checked all of the below.

The treatment furniture and equipment available at the salons

In order to provide World class services, it is very important that the salons procure and use tools & equipment which add value to them. All the equipment used for services were checked and carefully scruitinised on the basis of quality and effectiveness.

Electrical equipment

Adapting technology is necessary to provide the clients the best possible results and their impact on the services is very important. Hence electrical equipment like such as wax heaters, galvanic machines, etc. were thoroughly checked.

Knowledge of employees and management

In a service industry, it’s not just skill but knowledge and the drive to learn more also matters. Salon staff and management’s knowledge of the services provided were checked and examined because the idea is to ensure the team should have complete knowledge of the services provided.

Hygiene standards of the salons (quality checks)

Hygiene was always important to enrich and has been part of the culture. So sanitization and complete safety for customers has been checked by CIDESCO across all salons. All precautions were taken to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained, especially when dealing with water management issues, maintenance and cleaning of the spa equipment in line with industry requirements.

For Enrich, the point of certification was not to add another accolade on their repository. CIDESCO has high standards for them to provide certification and when they certify a salon, it’s a testament to quality & hygiene which can be communicated to customers. Enrich has always been a place where customers come to relax and true relaxation comes from the assurance that they are in safe hands.

This assures the customer of a high standard of hygiene, knowledge and experience of the technician and brand.

After successfully getting all the salons certified, enrich decided to make sure that their standards remain homogenous in the services offered and also the education provided by them. Hence Enrich Academy has also now been certified by CIDESCO so that the students trained out of the academy can also uphold the quality standards no matter wherever they go.