Easter inspired make-up for a glam look on the festival
Easter inspired make-up for a glam look on the festival

Easter is just around the corner. Are you looking for some quick fix makeup ideas for Easter? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. So, now that you have your dress, nails, cards and crafts ready for Easter, it is time to get your makeup done. Cheers to a colorful and creative Easter Day celebration with these amazing Easter makeup ideas. Easter is a great time to indulge in pastel-colored makeups. Pastel Makeup is so easy to apply. You can apply Pastel colored eye shadow and blend it well with any other color and it always looks gorgeous. Whether you are looking for colorful or rainbow makeup ideas for your eyes or lips go for creative makeup ideas which has a lot of Easter Day themes. Listed below are some of the ideas which you can use for Easter makeup. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our post and be inspired!

Spring eye makeup: Joyful colors will be the spring trend for sure!" says Priya, for Easter eye makeup. Pastel-colored eye shadows are just perfect. They are earthy and the muted tones looks gorgeous, Spring is the season of bloom, it just fits in best with the season. Fluttery lashes and eyeliner will continue to be a staple in any makeup routine. Natural colored lip balms are trending now and will be in trend.

Purple and blue eye shadow: Although the Blue color is thought to be the manliest color out of the lot, but to your surprise, it is among the most worn colors for all the women across the globe, as well. Go with the blue eye liner, loose shimmer, some blueish highlighter, sapphire smoky eyes, or just add a spark of blue glitter on your eyes. You can combine the blue shade with the multiple other colors including black, brown or different hues of blue simultaneously to give your eyes a cool look by living in the spring trends. Similarly, you can replace it with purple.

Bunny eyes makeup look: Bunny makeup look is all about her dramatic eye makeup, which you can easily recreate with some purple or black eye shadow and winged eyeliner. Put white kohl in the waterline, smudge brown eye shadow on the lash line with some brown nude lips and slay the bunny look. Or party dressed as a pink bunny? The makeup look is pretty simple (if you consider lots of false lashes, pink eye shadow, and lip gloss simple).

Inputs by: Priya Surekha, Make-up Expert, Enrich Salon

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