Do you have strawberry legs? Here’s what you can do to clear it
Do you have strawberry legs? Here’s what you can do to clear it

If you noticed small red bumps, seeds like appearance on your legs. Strawberry legs or red bumps are majorly faced by anyone who chooses to do shaving, it is a non-contagious skin condition, also termed as Keratosis Pilarsis. During the lockdown period, since salons and beauty services were completely shut, most people resorted to shaving. Shaving more frequently can cause strawberry legs, which later on might not make you feel confident enough to wear something short.

Experts suggest that there are few practices, which are done frequently, can help you reduce the visibility of strawberry legs. “ It is the most common skin condition, in India there are more than 1 crore cases each year. It can be treated by selecting right service and simple skin maintenance. Strawberry legs general characteristics are dark spots, which is caused due to unclogged pores, access keratin builds extra skin and blocks pores or hair follicles, which leads to ingrown hair. Skin gets patchy and dry. There is an uneven skin appearance. It is also called as Folliculitis, where hair follicles become inflamed, infection of hair follicles. Caused due to bacteria and infection. Frequent usage of Razor tends to make it dry and patchy,” says Rukshmani Thakkar, Technical Head, Enrich Salon.

She suggests a few steps that can be easily done at home in order to reduce this condition. “Regular dry brushing will help in removing excess build up skin. Also prevents ingrown hair. It is also one kind of exfoliation. Scrubbing on regular intervals helps in cleaning clogged pores and makes skin soft and supple. Unclogged pores prevent building up bacteria and infection. You can also make one at home with simple pantry staples like semolina, olive oil/coconut oil, with dash of honey or take some baking soda in a bowl, mix it with some milk, form a paste and use it in circular movement and rinse it off,” says Rukshmani.

She further adds, “Using loofah during showers can also prevent unclogged pores. Doctor prescribed creams and ointment could further help in curing the appearance of strawberry legs. Chemical exfoliation: using peels, chemical peels can prevent enlarged pores with time. This treatment should be done only by a professional. Most of the people have this question if they should visit a doctor. My advice would be no since it is a non-contagious skin condition and does not really require worry to visit a doctor.However, if none of the home treatment works and skin condition gets worse with time. I would suggest you take the doctor's opinion and take advanced treatments like laser or as advised by.”

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