Bringing people together during a lockdown
Bringing people together during a lockdown

In this new world, we are learning things every day on how to move on and be productive in the best possible way. Most of us privileged enough to be working from home, miss their colleagues and the time spent with them. It seems like all of us are living in our own bubble and its quite possible that the bond shared with our loved ones are affected. All of us have to make do with videocalls – which is also dependent on how strong your wifi connection is.

For a company, it is important that their employees feel that all of us are together and the HR team has a huge role to play in this. At Enrich, they are called the ‘People connect’ team and are working day & night to make sure the employees are engaged during quarantine. Apart from the usual work, here is how People connect team went above and beyond to take care of Planet Enrich.

Employee Survey

To check the well being of all team members, an Organisational level survey was conducted with each and every Planet Enrich member. The ones who needed help were attended to and ones who were safe volunteered to be vigilant in case any colleague staying in their area needed help.

The 5 PM activity

Its difficult to stay motivated with so much going around and The 5 PM activity was started as an initiative to connect to the employees. Various activities like playing quiz based on famous series to stand up comedy were organized to keep the employees engaged. Activities related to the mental health like Laughter Yoga and Happiness tips were organized for the mental wellbeing of our Planet Enrich Members.

Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving initiative was started across the Organization to extend help to the needy ones and bring a smile on their faces. Planet Enrich Members who worked for the well being of others were recognized and celebrated for their selfless act.

Learning & Development

Various Learning & Development training were conducted across all roles for increasing the efficiency of all employees. Trainings with In-House trainers and Industry Experts were scheduled and conducted to understand perspective on how stylists can improve their skills during this time.

Daily Update

Daily Updates from the Management are being communicated to all employees since transparency and clear communication helps to maintain a culture of trust and faith amongst the Planet Enrich Members.