values & culture

Over our journey of more than a decade and half, the things that we value have guided everything that we have done.

A couple of years ago, we went through an exercise of all the stories and anecdotes over the years, the rationale behind the key decisions that have got the company where we are today and used those to articulate our core values.

The idea was to have a shared understanding of these but also so that these should become part of selecting who we work with as team members and partners and to put together a way of sticking close to these values. Because we believe that people who share common values work very well together

Across the chain, in every salon, academy and office location, you will find the words FOR ENRICH enshrined in small trophies. The alphabets connoting – Fairness, Ownership, Respect, Empathy, Nurture, Relationships, Integrity, Co-operation and Honesty, the articulated core values of the company. These when translated into daily behaviour then become the culture of the company. Team members are encouraged to practice these and nominated team members receive these as awards for being Value Ambassadors.

So what is our CULTURE?

Our culture is what decides whether you belong with us or not.

Just answer the following questions, and if all your answers are “Yes”, then you are one of us:

1) Are you fair, which means, do you believe in the equality of opportunity?

2) Do you have a sense of ownership in whatever it is you do?

3) Do you respect every other person as someone who is gifted, no matter what the gift?

4) Can you empathize with any other person, that is, understand what it would be like to be in his/her shoes?

5) Do you nurture people, talents and dreams?

6) Do you value relationships over transactions?

7) Do you have integrity, are you honest, and do you have a sense of responsibility?

8) Do you believe in co-operation with others, which also means, do you believe in teamwork?

If you are one of us, do get in touch. We believe teams with like-minded people can achieve just about anything they set their minds on to!

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