Employees first

We are a company in the service industry. And even within that, one of the few that has the privilege and responsibility of being physically in touch with the Customer.

The way that we are in touch with the Customers is through our employees, our team members. So, it follows logically that we believe that the best way that we can take care of our Customers is by taking care of our Employees first.

Five day week – a bold initiative to ensure that our team members achieve better work life balance

Key information at your fingertips – We have invested in an eHRMS platform where team members can get all the key information about their employment and routine things like applying for leave that they need at their fingertips. To make this even more convenient a mobile app for the same is also in the pipeline.

The emphasis on training – Last year, the company invested an average of Rs 30,000 per employee on training. These trainings range from induction, proprietary SOs, technical trainings, soft skills and also included sponsoring employees for external courses as required.

Private Internet – In this new initiative, work related processes, training modules will be provided through our own private internet.

SOPs for Employees to deliver consistent services as a process – Consistency in service is another initiative to ensure this, teams are trained in standard operating procedures and also refresher trainings are conducted across the board

Job Shadows – New employees go through a process where they shadow an existing employee in the same role in another salon, so that they get a chance to look and learn before they start work in their assigned location. This is post induction, technical training & SOP learning sessions

Safe Landing – After the first few months on the job, team members having common job profile, meet, share and discuss their challenges and solutions. This gives them a common understanding and sharing of best practices

Career Counseling – In this initiative a senior team member works along with the team member and her/his immediate Supervisor to find ways so that team member can be more effective and fulfill the requirement of the work place.

Employee Support-A toll free number is allocated specially for employees through which they can get in touch with HR to ensure all employee queries are addressed. Also there is a salon visit from the HR team if required.

Medical Emergency Fund – Employees contribute a small amount, and the Company adds its might to it. Adding this together becomes a significant amount. enough to bailout anyone from a serious medical emergency (this is not a loan, and is over and above the ESIC entitlement that the employee might have) A great example of strength of the collective.

Group Medical Insurance – a brand new initiative where the employee along with dependent family members are covered

Employee Assistance Program – is a external team of professional Counselors who will work for our employees if they are facing any challenges and need assistance – like in a lot of other initiatives, family members are also covered. This is a first of its kind initiative for a company our size.

Employee Grooming & Reward Points – Help Stylists look like Stylists and ensure that our teams are sparklingly well groomed. Additional reward points are meant for friends and family to get the same services at our salons

Internal Job Postings – to ensure that there is a great fit between the profile and the team member.

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