At Enrich, we’ve always believed in the notion of employee first.

It probably has to do with the fact that the folks who started the company are not hair stylists and beauticians. So what do they then bring to the party? A spirit of entrepreneurship, scalability and the will to make Enrich the best place to work in.

Planet Enrich is about the strength of the collective. It’s about what can be achieved if a large group makes up its mind to work together.

It is all about how an individual can draw strength and contribute her or his might to the team all at once. It is about harnessing the power of synergy. About the whole being higher than just simply the sum of the parts.

At Enrich, this concept is applied, bettered and reapplied continuously. In fact we could say, that some of the milestones we have managed to reach have been only because of this.

Take for example our Recruitment Referral Drive. The situation was, that we were set to open about ten salons over a two month time period and required a significant number of new recruits. To ensure that this requirement was met, not just in numbers but also with people that fit into our culture, we requested the help of Planet Enrich

Over three days, the Directors visited every salon personally and requested team members to refer folks like themselves (good human being and good professional, in that order)

The teams rose to the occasion and over 3000 referrals were received. A third of them were invited to a week-long recruitment drive where, cross department teams processed the applications, did the interviews and technical assessments. In the first three days 110 team members were appointed.

Or take the example of our Emergency Medical Fund. A unique concept where employees make a voluntary contribution of Rs 100 & the company matches it by 50%. When hundreds of team members pitch in (the last time a call was sent out two months ago, about 1022 team members contributed) This entire exercise is turned around in a day or less – from sending the word out to the money being electronically transferred into the employee’s account, since it is an emergency.

It is remarkable since it is voluntary and has no-strings attached whatsoever. It is not a loan; it doesn’t need the recipient to be a confirmed employee. The simple logic is that, one of us is hurt and all of us feel the pain. It is not surprising, that an initiative where every participant pays money (except the recipient) the bonding and team spirit this has generates is beyond any activity where team members earn rich monetary rewards

The newest example is how our annual team celebrations have evolved over the last two years. When we have our annual party, we are ourselves the entertainment and the entertained. Our own teams put up performances and a significant proportion are involved. This year in Mumbai alone, about 450 team members (300 on stage, the rest backstage) put up almost 30 performances to enthrall an audience of over a thousand people. The proportion of team members performing entertainment acts to the total team strength only gets higher in the other three cities of Ahmedabad, Pune & Bengaluru

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