Neha Chande wins Gold at Oceania Competition at New Zealand

Neha Chande, of ‪Enrich Salons‬ wins Gold at Oceania Competition at New Zealand – in the Beauty Skills segment at the World Skills Forum! One more proud moment for Planet Enrich A big thank you to the Beauty Sector Skills Council and to each and every one who made this achievement possible for Neha and India

We’ve found the beauty of 100!

On this milestone occasion, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to all our stakeholders, because it’s your love that has made this journey so beautiful. With your support, we’re looking forward to more such beautiful feats. It all begins with you!

Retail Employees Day Celebration @ Enrich Salon

Retail Employees’ Day as a concept is aimed at applauding the efforts of retail employees in India – and eventually the world. The theme was born from the need to create the pride of belonging to the retail community by recognizing their efforts through public appreciation. Retail Employees’ Day is celebrated on 12th December every year.

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