why enrich academy?

There are multiple aspects that go into educating students in the beauty domain. And choosing the academy that is best suited to you, means taking stock of each of these. Understanding these is critical to making your choice, because it is what can make your career.

The Curriculum: How has it been designed?

This is specifically the course content. It needs to have a strong base of science and theory along with contemporary material that will ensure that you are equipped with the latest techniques and aware of the most recent trends. Our Trainers also spend time on the salon floor so they have a pulse of the market.

Our Curriculum is refreshed bi-annually by a senior team who themselves go for international trainings and seminars to ensure this.

The Pedagogy: What is the training methodology?

We use a dynamic mix of presentations, look & learn, videos, demonstrations, hands-on training on doll heads and most importantly on live models.

Our Academy boasts of the industry’s largest database of models because of which we can ensure that we provide the requisite number of live models for each course. We have the maximum number of live model training per course because we believe that is critical for perfecting the techniques that we teach.

The Trainers: Academics & Industry experience with a passion for training

Our Trainers have to be technically proficient and also practitioners. But that isn’t all; they also need to have a passion for teaching.

To ensure they continue to be at the top of their game, each Trainer has to put in hours in technical trouble-shooting, mentoring in salons, technical assessments and go in for refresher training. This – in addition to the hours they spend in class with their students, here’s where the passion comes in handy.

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