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Q 1. Can you tell me something about Enrich?

Enrich is a young, fast growing chain of unisex salons, which started in Mumbai and is now present. Also in Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda and BangaloreThere are 54 salons operating currently and there are plans to add another 20-25 salons in the next twelve months.We also have an Academy (that runs at four locations, two in Mumbai and one each in Ahmedabad and Pune) that trains people to meet the growth requirements of the industry. In addition, there is regular ongoing training that is also conducted for our own employees. Alumni of our Academy are highly regarded and can be found at all the leading companies in the industry.

How old is the Company and the Academy?

Enrich was started in 1997. We have been conducting training programs for our employees since 2001.The Academy was started in 2008.

How your courses are better than the competition?

Our courses are better in terms of the quality of training, the number of hours of training and our stage-wise approach.Our trainers are better qualified and experienced, the numbers of hours of training are higher and so is the number of live models that students practise on. We put students through classroom training using modern teaching aids, followed by demonstrations, practise sessions on doll heads (hair), followed by working on live models, and studentship. Candidates who successfully make it through this intensive training are provided with placement assistance. They are also eligible to apply for positions at Enrich.We will take you through a detailed comparison of Academies on these parameters when you visit the Academy, which will help you understand this much better.

What are the types of Courses the Academy offers?

We have a modular course structure across Hair, Beauty, Make Up and Salon Management. Depending on where a student is starting from and what she /he wishes to achieve, there are course modules that they can select that will ensure that they meet their objective.So, if someone is new to the industry or if they have some previous learning/ experience there will be a course or more than one, that they can opt for.While this ensures that there is a high degree of choice/ customisation, it also ensures that fees that a student pays can be optimised.

What is the duration of the course?

Durations depends on the course and range from two days or a week and can go up to even twenty seven weeks or more, based on the multiple courses selected.

Can you give me an idea of the fees?

Individual course fees range from Rs 2000 and go up to Rs 1,00,000 + taxes and more , depending on the course. Going by the experience of students who have been trained at our Academy, even at the higher end, course fees can be recovered between three to nine months depending on the course selected

What are the accepted modes of payment?

As on date we only accept cash, cheques and demand drafts.

Is there an EMI facility that I can opt for?

As of now, we collect 75% of the course fees on enrolment to the course and a post dated cheque 30 days from the date of the emrolment for the balance 25% of the course fees.

Are there any discounts available on course fees?

To ensure that course fees are reasonable and can be afforded by all, we have taken a call to offer fees at the lowest level possible for us (rather than start higher and offer a discount).There are plans to have schoralships and freeships going ahead. Also, whenever any company from the Industry needs trained Stylists/Beauticians/ Pedicurists, they may choose to sponsor part of the fees of the relevant course to get a batch faster. Information on these is shared when applicable.


The Academy operates at three locations, Bandra, Santacruz and Andheri (Chakala) in Mumbai, and one each in Ahmedabad (Shyamal Circle) and Pune (Kalyani Nagar). Timings vary by courses, and the number of batches that are on at a time. As of now, all courses are full time. Going ahead, we will also have weekend batches and part time batches as per the requirement and batch size.

Can I do two courses simultaneously?

At some Academy locations, we operate in two shifts every day so technically, this might be possible. But we recommend that courses are done back to back rather than simultaneoulsy so that there is enough time to grasp, internalise and practise the knowledge and skills that are required in every course.

Is there any course in beauty to brush up my knowledge if I have done a course from a small 'parlour' or have lost touch?

Our modular course structure is designed, so that there are courses to suit every student. So there are courses that will meet your specific requirement. The best way to know which course is for you – is to visit the Academy and interact with our Trainers who can counsel you on this and help you choose the right course.


The quality of our trainers is one of the aspects of our Academy that we are most proud of. Almost all of them have been practitioners, which means that they have actually practised what they’re training students for and have been very good at it.Almost across all disciplines, faculty with actual hands-on industry exposure have always been known to be more effective in preparing students for the challenges thay will face in actual work situations, this is even more true in an industry like ours.In addition, they all come with training from reputed hair and beauty training schools. And are very well respected within the fraternity When you come in to the Academy, we can set up an interaction with some of our trainers.

If the course is recognised in the market? Can I get an education loan from a bank to do this course?

We are in the process of working out arrangements with Banks for this, but as of now these courses do not fall under courses for which Banks offer education loans.

What is the certification I get?

For the courses in Beauty, Makeup, Salon Management and Hand/Foot Spa, successful students are awarded an Enrich Academy Certificate. There are courses with certification from City & Guilds and CIBTAC.For course in Hair in addition to the Enrich Academy Certificate, successful students also get certificates from L’Oreal as follows:1. Hair Spa 2. Product Knowledge 3. Perm 4. Straightening 5. Colour

Do you have accreditations to other academic institutions or international brands?

The Enrich Academy has a long standing association with L’Oreal for technical training/content. They also certify successful students in certain courses. In addition, we have an accreditation with City & Guild, ARTH/ CIDESCO as well as CIBTAC.More accreditations are on the way.

What are the eligibility / minimum qualifications for joining the course?

A passion for the industry and a desire to learn are essential – If you are referring to educational qualifications, even people who have only some formal education are welcome.There are regular tests, quizes and qualifying exams, so a basic ability to read & write English or Hindi is mandatory.

Is there a guaranteed job at the end of the course? What about job stability/ security?

Our courses are designed to make you employable and we also provide all possible placement assistance. But there is no job guarantee that we provide.The only way you can ensure this is by having 100% attendance and faring very well in your exams. That way you can even have more than one job to choose from!

What is the average age of students?

Most students are in the 18 to 25 age group.

Do students go to hair shows and compete in competitions?

Yes, on a regular basis. But like every educational institute the opportunities go to the brightest and most deserving students.

Is there a student accommodation facility?

We do not provide any accommodation but we can definitely recommend / assist with the names of the hostels/ estate agents for PG accommodation etc.

What kinds of questions will be asked on the assessment test?

The questions will cover all the content that you have been trained on.

What kind of clothes do students wear?

Typically students wear black, western clothes to the Academy.

How many students are taken in one batch?

We usually enrol a maximum of ten students per batch, to ensure that each student gets personal attention.

On an average, what percentages of students get jobs?

100% of successful students have got placed in the industry.

What is the starting salary a hair dresser can expect?

This will depend on the company in which you get placed. Most companies operate on a Fixed Salary plus Revenue Sharing (also called Commission). Tips from Customers also form a good part of the income.At Enrich, the starting fixed salary is in the bracket of Rs 10-12000, add Revenue Sharing to that and then Tips. The total can go up to 2.5-3 times the fixed salary!

Are there other costs, other than the course fee?

The fees indicated are only tuiton fees for Enrich Academy. In certain cases there might be an optional, additional cost for the kit depending on the course you choose.Other than the course fees, there might be specific examination fees that need to be paid to the accredited bodies - L’Oreal, City & Guild and CIBTAC. This will be made clear at the time that you finalise the courses you want to pursue.

Can I join a part time course?

We are coming up with some part time courses. The ones we have at the moment are all full time courses.

How soon can my investment in the course fees start paying back?

Going by the experience of past students, you can recover your entire course fees between three months and nine months from the time you successfully complete your course and start working in the industry.

What are my growth prospects in the future?

The growth prospects are bright and fast. In the industry the need for hair stylists, beauticians, make up artists, salon managers is going up day by day. Just consider the following job options : as technicians in Salons, in Spa’s in hotels, holiday resorts and cruise liners, as technical crew in events and stage shows, feature film and ad film production, as trainers in academies, as technical experts for international brands of cosmetics and hair products etcIn Enrich for instance, people who have been with us for two/ three/ four years have grown tremendously in terms of knowledge, position and earnings. You could meet with some of these personally when you visit the Academy.

Can I proudly say that I work in a Salon?

We know that back when we started in 1997, there were people who were sceptical about whether this was a regular and respectable profession.But with progress, exposure and the whole range of work options (in salons, spa’s, television and film industry, cosmetics retailing, freelance hair & beauty opportunities, starting your own salon, etc) this has changed dramatically by the day.This is also apparent, with the fraternity and people from it getting visibility and recognition. For example, Hakim Alim, Jawed Habib & Adhuna are industry icons. There are television programs on the industry and protagonists of mainstream cinema also depict people from our industry.There is hardly any other industry where someone with passion for the business and a desire to succeed can learn, earn and grow at such a fast pace – and that is why more and more youngsters are choosing this industry.

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