beauty & wellness industry

According to a August 2012 report released by Pricewater HouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd (PwCPL) the beauty care market in India is pegged at INR 230-245 billion.

Cosmetic products form 60-65%, Salons and Beauty Services 35-40% and Cosmetic treatment form 5% of the market that is growing at 20-25% annually. The industry is poised for high growth in the coming years.

The industry has transformed from a platform targeting a select few to a mainstream concept today. The growth in the branded salon segment has been explosive. Apart from the breaking of gender boundaries and seeking better hygiene, more consumers are opting for these as they offer quality services in a better ambience.

All of this translates into a great opportunity for anyone who is on the brink of making a career decision.

The industry that offers opportunities in hair styling, body, beauty & skin care, make up and salon management is attracting more and more youngsters today.

Being part of a growing industry, and the opportunity to be creative and make a mark are key reasons. The investments of time and money in education v/s the earning potential is favorable as compared to traditional options. Also, the number of career opportunities in salons, spa’s, resorts, cruise liners, modern format retail, cosmetic product marketing, fashion, events, film & television industry are a great draw.

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