About Dr. Rita

Dr RitaDr. Rita Khatwani, Head Trichologist, Enrich Salons has a illustrious academic, research and professional treatments track record that spans more than two decades

She has a Doctorate in Biochemistry (Rutgers University), in addition to training in Trichology with David Kingsley of the World Trichology Society and addition clinical training at the British Sciences Corporation, Park Avenue, New York

She has conducted extensive research work at the American Hair Loss Council, The International Association of Trichologists & The American Herbalists Guild

Dr. Rita has been professionally associated with The Vidal Sassoon Academy & School of Cosmetology, Santa Monica, California, The Clairol School of Colouring & Perming, New York, The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, San Raphael and The Jingles Academy, New York.

She has also held several positions internationally – Colouring and Perming Technician, Shear Honesty, New Jersey, Platform Artist for The Clairol School of Coloring and Perming, New York, and Consultant Trichologist for Redken Laboratories.

Dr. Rita has been associated with Enrich Salons since 2010 and consults and conducts super specialized chemical & organic treatments at our Kemps Corner salon

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