How Often Should You Get a Facial Done?

While getting a facial done is a routine matter among most skin-health conscious people, the question is what routine to follow. It depends on a lot of factors like season, skin type, age et al; and it also varies from person to person. Read this piece for some tips about how to decide when you are due for your next facial appointment.

The skin rejuvenation cycle

The skin cells go through a life cycle of their own. Our body follows an ongoing process of generating new skin cells. Gradually new skin cells get pushed up as the older layers live out their life span and get exfoliated either on their own or with help. This whole process takes about three to four weeks when aided along with timely facials. That’s why beauticians recommend that you get a facial done once every three to four weeks. Getting a facial done way too frequently would be of no use and delaying for too long would only result in dull skin. However, that is only a textbook figure, since the skin rejuvenation cycle varies from person to person. It depends on several factors like age, skin type, environment, food habits, sleeping patterns and more.

Skin type

If you have oily skin, it tends to collect impurities from the air and get blocked pores. This results in a lot of skin complications. A facial should be done at least once a month in this case, just so that the skin is kept clean and excess oil-free. If your skin is dry, you can go for facials every month and a half, as in this case the work of the facial will be only to aid the old cells out and the new cells up. If your skin is sensitive, try to find a good facial that suits you fine, and you will probably not need to go for a facial more than once in two months.

Skin condition

Your skin condition also plays an important factor. No matter your skin type, if your skin is acne, blackheads or infection-prone, sometimes more than one facial a month is recommended. You need to understand your skin condition and map a facial routine according to that.

Skin age

Body metabolizes food faster at younger age; therefore, the skin rejuvenation cycle is shorter. New cells are generated faster and replace older cells faster too. So, gaps between facials can be stretched out more than you need to when you are younger. At a young age, facials can be replaced by good skin care regimes which helps in keeping skin clean, clear and healthy.

Why is it important to time your facials?

Just like all good things, too much of something is as bad as too little of it. If you do not get yourself a facial often enough, your skin will take a beating from factors like the weather, pollution, food habits etc. This will result in your skin drying out or breaking out into acne and more. Your skin will look either too oily or too dull, and the natural radiance of new skin cells will be lost under the layer of the old. On the other hand, if you go for too many facials without enough gaps between them, your skin, which is a very sensitive organ, will react to the over-treatment and lose its natural health and glow.

So, remember

The type of facial that suits you at the time of the year is as important as the gaps you give between each. Understand your own skin, while consulting with a beautician, and give yourself the perfect mix of good things!

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