How to protect your hair during monsoon

The monsoons are here! It’s lovely and raining outside! But you are gloomy inside. Because your hair is frizzy. Your hair is falling.. like rain? Your hair is getting damaged in every which way. Dandruff rules and the itch in your scalp just cannot be scratched. What do you do and not do to protect your hair during the monsoon? Some very simple things.

Make sure your hair is never too wet

Whether it be a drizzle that you were caught in or a downpour you stepped into to enjoy, make sure that as soon as you get back indoors, to wash your hair and then gently and carefully dry it. Rainwater is not only dirty but also has a high content of acid. This is not good for your hair. So indulge in it only if you have to or want to, but not for longer than that.

Stay hydrated

While keeping your hair dry, keep yourself well hydrated. Nothing stands out better than hair in all its health when you are properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Imbibe fluids instead of wetting your hair in them.

Try and keep your hair loose if not open

Don’t let the moisture in the air nor the actual raindrops stay and settle in your hair. Otherwise, your hair will appear limp and frizzy. Which is NOT a nice combination! If you have to tie your hair, go for loose buns or ponytails so the air can dry out any moisture trapped within. When you step out in the rain carry an umbrella or a hoodie raincoat. Or at least a scarf to wrap your tresses in.

Oil your hair regularly champi style

Our parents and grandparents have had remedies for almost every problematic thing. Go by their advice and give your hair a good oil massage at least twice a week during the monsoons especially. Boost the necessary moisture in your hair and deep condition it at the same time. This will not only protect your hair during the rainy season but help it grow faster too.

Shampoo your hair with the correct shampoo

Twice a week, use a mild deep cleansing shampoo to not only nourish your hair but also to remove any dirt and dust your moist hair attracts. and harmful chemicals left in your hair because of the rains. as well as possibilities of any bacterial or fungal infections. Make sure you are shampooing in the correct direction, from the root towards the tip.

Condition your hair properly

Do not use too much conditioner thinking that it will be even better for your hair. Use just a bit. And apply it along the lengths and ends. Not at the tips. Spread the conditioner out gently with a wide-toothed comb. Use a conditioner after every time you shampoo.

Choose the right comb

A wide-toothed comb is a good choice any time of the year and a specially good one during the monsoons. This is because your hair tends to get more tangled then because of the excessive humidity in the air. Wide toothed combs let you detangle your monsoon hair without breaking off bits of it causing even more damage to your hair.

Nourish your hair from within

In order to make your hair follicles strong enough to resist damage caused by the weather, eat adequate amounts of foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and iron. Eat enough of salmon, mackerel, spinach, yoghurt, walnuts, oats, whole bread, brown rice, sprouts and low-fat dairy. Stay away from junk food and greasy foods.

Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy the monsoons like the should be enjoyed. With as much exuberance and abandon as the rains!

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