Nail art kit essentials

Only a few things can be more frustrating than wanting to go creative with your nails, but not having the tools to be so. Especially when the tools needed are very simple things. While there are no upper limits to the number of things you could use to do nail art, here are a few basic ones that should comprise your nail art kit, which will help you experiment reasonably well. They are not in any order, because nail art is about mixing and matching products and processes to get the results you have in mind.



You will find a variety of nail art stickers in the market. Stock up on as many as you can so you can work on your nails unhindered. Do make sure they come with strong adhesives though. You wouldn’t want your carefully done nail art to come apart easily.


Stones, studs, glitter

Make sure your nail art kit has enough rhinestones, tiny dome pearls, beads, sprinkles and glitter to add glamour and bling to your nail art. Go creative on choosing items for this particular collection.


Striping tapes

These act like reverse stencils when you use them to do particular kinds of nail art. They help keep design borders crisp and clean. Get yourself a set, and go creative about how you can use them.


Dotting tools

Complex nail art can easily be messed up while trying to draw tiny dots of fixed sizes using any other tool than a dotting one. Add a set of these, of different sizes, to your nail art kit so you are in control of how clean those dots will look.


Stamping set

The stamping set is made of scrapers, stamps, and templates. Just a little practice with small designs will soon make you a pro at making stamps for full nail designs. A quick but beautiful way to get great nail art.


Basecoat and topcoat

Apply a basecoat before doing nail art on your nails in order to protect them. Keep a clear topcoat as well as a matte topcoat to hold the nail art in place looking the way you want it to.


Scissors and tweezers

Remember you are working with very tiny items that are way smaller than even your nail. Using a tweezer will help you work with them better. Keeping a scissor handy is a good idea to cut away extra embellishments which are sticking out of the nails.



This simple tool is a must-have in your nail art kit. It helps you to do a lot of intricate work like picking up tiny rhinestones, dotting and marbling. Using them creatively will help you create a lot of abstract designs.


Nail polishes

Of course, you need to keep nail polishes in your nail art kit. But it would help to get the right variety to take care of most nail art needs. Apart from bright and vibrant hues, keep nudes, black, white, textured ones, ones with glitter, metallic ones, pastels, and some regular staple shades.


Nail art brushes

Nail art brushes are very different from normal nail polish brushes. This is because they are used to create special effects and do finer work than normal ones. Get yourself a set and start practicing.


Nail polish correcting pen

Nail art is as much about cleaning up as it is about laying the designs on. After doing your nail art, a nail polish correcting pen will help cleanly remove the extra bits that have come onto your fingers outside of your nails.


LED nail lamp

Your nail art kit is incomplete without a curing lamp. Many nail art processes use things that need to be hardened quickly and well before the next thing is done. The LED nail lamp helps quickly harden, and also makes your nail art longer lasting.


Nail polish remover

You do nail art, and then after a point, you want to change it to a fresh design to keep it lively. So no nail art kit is complete without a good nail polish remover that is easy on your nails and yet efficient enough to give a really clean slate



As you might have known by now, nail art is more about innovation than items. Who knows you might want to press tiny dry flowers onto your nails this season. Or for that matter anything else. Keep aside a part of your nail art kit to fill with things that are not in any nail art textbook but in your creative head alone!

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