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While till now the blush has only been used as a small part of the makeup routine, the trend now is to use it as one of the main defining components in the final look. Experimenting with the blush has not only opened up new styles but completely new uses apart from the traditional way of using it. For example, you can use a blush as an eyeshadow and there is nothing to stop you. Blush can be used in contouring to highlight your cheekbones. Blush can be used as a lipstick by mixing it with vaseline or a lip gloss. And what do you know, the blush can be used as nail polish by mixing with a transparent polish! While the possibilities are endless, here are some popular looks that are taking over the world of blush makeup.

The peach cheeks blush makeup

When achieving this look don’t think of blush as just something you apply on the apples of your cheeks. Take a peach-hued blush and use it on your lips and eyes too. This is how you go about doing that.

After applying your foundation and concealer, use a brush and apply the peach blush on the apples of your cheeks first.

Next, use the brush to apply the blush as eye shadow by making a swipe across them and then blending it outwards.

Finally, apply lip gloss on your lips and then brush on the blush for a complete look.

The draping blush makeup

Contouring using blush is known as draping and is all the rage these days. This new way of wearing a blush involves applying your brush the way you would a contour shade. Using a softer shade of blush to accentuate your cheeks and then fan out to slightly deeper browns. This is how you go about doing that.

After applying foundation and concealer, brush on the blush using bouncing motions using the same tools you would for contouring.

Preferably go for a liquid blush under your cheekbones the way you would to contour.

Highlight the apples of your cheeks using a lighter shade of blush.

Finally, if you want, add a touch of the same blush as eyeshadow to complete the look.

The mellow yellow blush makeup

Not for the faint hearted this blush effect is taking the makeup world by storm though. By the radical and generous use of yellow blush. Literally a wash of it. To be tried on the days you are feeling extra bright and peppy. This is how go about doing that.

After applying foundation and concealer, brush on the yellow blush onto your face and in place of your eyeshadow.

Use a yellow eyeliner to heighten the effect. Preferably on your bottom lash line.

Finally a touch of mascara will complete the look.

The rosy flush blush makeup

This blush makeup goes with almost any skin tone at any time of the day. The idea is to look pretty and flushed with the use of rosy pink blush. Sweep on the blush or shall we say the flush to look effortlessly beautiful. This is how you go about doing that.

After applying foundation and concealer, use a blush brush to sweep the blush around the backs of your cheeks while blending forward.

To get the maximum out of this look use mascara and tightlined eyelashes in order to make the eyes fuller and deeper.

Match your lips to mimic the rosy hue to complete the look.

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