7 tips to get the best results from your lipstick

There’s the last bit of lipstick application after your makeup is done. And then there’s preparing your lips for lipstick any time, and applying lipstick correctly. The difference in results is huge. The lipstick needs to stay on. Your lips shouldn’t get chapped under the lipstick. Your lips should speak. Not strain to just be a colour. Here are some of the things which will take very little time but will help you get the most out of lipstick application.

  1. Need to keep your lips exfoliated

Peeling lips are bad enough. Peeling lips with lipstick on them are something one doesn’t even want to imagine, let alone see. A simple daily routine of exfoliation takes care of that. Choose your method of exfoliation, whether it be a lip scrub, sugar, or a soft toothbrush, but do it every day and do it gently. Don’t forget to moisturise your lips later with a good lip balm.

2. You need to keep your lips hydrated

To do this you need to find the right lip balm that suits the skin of your lips and lasts long. It should not be too sticky as sticky balms do not moisturise enough, resulting in pinched lips. Nor should it be too runny as the lipstick applied on it will slide right off. Once you have fixed on the right lip balm for you, use it before you do any other makeup. This will give it time to seep in properly. Apply the lipstick towards the end. Your lipstick will slide on smoothly, with even colouring, and your lips will look fresh and moist.

3. You need to choose the right lipsticks

It’s not just about choosing the right shades for your makeup, but also about the right quality and texture of your lipstick that matters. Choose long formulation ones which do the special task of staying on longer. While the exfoliation and the balm will make your lipstick application easier and more pretty to look at, the lipstick itself will decide for you how long it will stay that way. Ideally, the product should promise at least a 12-hour stay. After which another small application should be enough.

4. You need a lip brush and a lip liner

To make your lipstick application better and more in tune with the look you want, a lip brush and a lip liner are musts. While we tend to just swipe our lips straight from the stick, that is not a good way to get a perfect application. You will tend to leave out small parts that might be invisible at first glance, but make a whole lot of difference to the whole look. So go for a precise application with a lip brush and carefully apply the lipstick first along the lip line and then inwards. Use a lip liner before you do this, not only to get the perfectly defined clean shape but also as a guide for your lip brush.

5. You need a lip stain

For all the hard work above, a sudden tissue dab or a hand sweep might be disastrous to your lip makeup. So to be on the safe side, use a lip stain that matches the colour of your lipstick under it. In case the lipstick wipes off a bit, the lip stain will back your lips up.

6. You need to apply lipstick inbetween and then last

Once you start your makeup routine, apply your lip makeup. Now give it some time to settle on your lips while you continue with the rest of your face. At the very end refresh your lipstick application after the first round has set in. This will make your lip makeup last longer.

7. You need to top it off with blotting paper

You might have used too much colour. You might have used too much shine. Maybe some parts are not even in your lipstick application. Bring all of it to the level at the end by pressing your lips on some blotting paper without wiping them. And you are lip ready!

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