What should your nails look like in 2019?

Are you keeping up with the nail art trends?

While the pressure applied by society to keep up with it is not always a good feeling, keeping up with how to look as good as others around you is definitely something you can invest time and think on. While aligning your behaviour and opinions to what others subscribe to is not always the wise thing to do, keeping track of changing fashion trends is fun, engaging and healthy. Trying them out and being appreciated even more so! So take the plain shades out of your nails and dig them into what’s trending in nail art this year. Here are some curated nail art trends to start off with.

Fisthtail Nails

fishtail nails

This trending nail art looks like you spent a lot of time on it. It looks like you used tapes and masks and a lot of drying time in between. Not so. All you have to do is decide on a base coat, apply it, and dry it. Now three more shades, imagine you are making a simple plait, and make the strokes on each nail accordingly and in order. Voila. Intricate and colourful nail art. Simply done.

CD nails

This trending nail art design mimics the holographic look that is characteristic of CDs. In a way this is retro. And it also is ultramodern in its application. In order to achieve this, apply a transparent base coat on your nails. Then paint the crescent tips of each nail a deep blue. Once it all dries, apply longitudinal streaks of a mix of light blue and white to mimic the shine. Finish off with a transparent top coat.

Jelly nails

This trending nail art makes your nails look like jelly and are promising to be the rage this year. To add to the trendiest jelly handbags, jelly shoes and jelly scrunchies. Achieving them is again fairly simple. First, enhance your nails by sculpting tips onto them in your desired shape with a nail gel. Make sure it is hard enough after drying. Then simply add a translucent coloured nail polish over it all. So the part on your fingers look opaque but the extended part looks like wobbly jelly.

Rose quartz marble nails

This trending nail art makes your nails look mesmerizing in their naturally veined marble effect. To achieve this striking look, choose a pale, ideally pale pink, nail polish with a jelly finish. Before it dries, paint on thin streaks of white nail polish where you want the veins to go. Top off with a clear top coat. Voila. You have marble fingers.

Subtle glitter nails

This trending nail art is about being glamorous without being gaudy. And actually making you stand out more. To achieve it first apply a base coat. Let it dry and then apply a top coat of the colour of your choice. Let this dry too. Then take a bit of glitter nail polish on a brush, wipe off the excess glitter, and lightly touch bits of your nails with it. Either the tips or maybe the tip of just one nail. And stand out strongly because of the subtlety.

Matchy matchy nails

This trending nail art is completely dependent on how well you can pull it off. It attempts to match your outfit to your nails. So match the patterns and shades of your outfit and recreate them on your nails. Needless to say, this is fun, because you need to change your nail art every time you change!

Flame nails

This trending nail art gives you a bold and vibrant look and your nails look literally on fire. To achieve this effect, first put a layer of neutral nail polish and let it dry. On top of that paint on the flames using a bright colour like orange. Once this dries to make the flames stand out by outlining them with a black nail pen. Finish it off with a clear top coat.

Off centre accented nails

This trending nail art is a dream to experiment considering you can choose innumerable colour combinations and the time taken to achieve the look is minimal. All you have to do is paint your nails one colour, and once that dries, to add a single stroke of another contrasting colour along the lengths off to one side of each nail. That’s it.

Logo nails

This trending nail art is about wearing the attitude of the brands you love on your nails. Put a layer of nail polish on your nails and let them dry. Next, put an imprint of your favourite logos on each nail using stencils and another shade of nail polish. Voila! You have designer nails with a cool twist!

Pressed wildflower nails

This trending nail art is elegantly beautiful and innovative. To achieve them, collect tiny blooms from around you, and keep them pressed in books for them to flatten and dry out. Apply a base coat of nail polish on your nails, preferably a very light nude shade. Now stick the tiny flowers on your nails and seal them in with a layer of top coat.

Winter neon nails

This trending nail art is about painting the exposed undersides of your nails a vibrant neon colour. It gives your nails a very bold look.

These few nail art trends of 2019 should be enough for you to start experimenting on your own and coming up with your own styles which, who knows, could be part of 2020 trends!

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