16 simple things to make your waxing painless

Should good things only come at a cost?

Why is it that waxing makes you look so good, but feel so terrible during the process? That’s because you didn’t know what precautions to take. Yes, painless waxing is possible. If only you remember a few things the next time you head for a session. Try and follow them and see how much more painless your waxing can get.

1. Go at the right time

If the length of your unwanted hair is too short, it will slip out of the waxing strip’s grip and not get removed. The result will be pain with nothing to show for it. If your hair is too long, the waxing strip will just tear the follicles from the middle instead of from the roots. The result is more painful than normal. Ideally, you should go when the hair is a quarter of an inch long for the most painless waxing session possible.

2. Go right after taking a yoga class

Doing yoga will make your limbs flexible. This will cut down on the positional pain caused by waxing. It will also cut down the ripping pain because with your limbs turning the way the beautician wants it, the time taken to wax will be much less.

3. Take a warm shower right before waxing

A warm water shower not only helps soften your hair but also opens your pores. This makes waxing much much more painless as the hair follicles come right off.

4. Use an exfoliate scrub before waxing

While in the warm shower, use an exfoliating scrub. This will remove your dead skin and release any untrapped hairs. This will make pulling out of these hairs much more painless.

5. Find a good numbing cream

There are numbing creams available at the chemists which are effective enough to see you through a waxing session. Go for a good brand, and use it half an hour before waxing. You will wonder when the waxing happened!

6. Take a mild pain killer

Find a mild pain reliever that is available over the counter and have this half an hour before waxing in case you don’t want to go for numbing cream.

7. Distract yourself while waxing

If at home, keep your favourite movie on. If in the salon, chat with your beautician. This will keep your mind off any pain. After all, everything can be controlled by the mind.

8. Start waxing small areas

If you are waxing your leg, instead of starting with the whole length of your leg, start with your ankles and work slowly up. Same for your arms. Start with the wrists. This acclimatises your skin to the pain and your mind accepts it more readily and then waxing the lengths seem to be much less painful.

9. Sit reclined when waxing your eyebrows

Let gravity not work against you by pulling the wax downwards and not uniformly. Uniform waxing is much more painless.

10. Mark your eyebrows before waxing

Waxing around the eyebrows is painful if not done right. You can lessen this pain by marking your eyebrows using a white liner so not more than necessary hairs are pulled off.

11. Use cooler wax on your bikini zone

Your bikini zone is covered with very sensitive skin. Pulling hair off this area can not only be painful but might take some of the skin off. You don’t want to make it worse by using too hot wax.

12. Choose the appropriate place for waxing

While waxing your arms and legs are possible without much pain at home, when you need facial or bikini line waxing, do it at a salon. Professional hands are at any time more painless than home ones.

13. Use a cold compress after waxing

Ask your beautician to use a cold compress on you right after your waxing session. Top it up with a rose water toner. This will soothe any pain there might have been.

14. Stay away from some skin products after waxing

Skin products that contain alcohol or fragrances don’t sit well with freshly waxed sensitive skin. Don’t use them immediately after waxing as it will work in the opposite direction of soothing your pain.

15. Don’t wear tight clothes after waxing

You want your tingling skin to breathe free to lessen any pain that may have been inflicted on it. Loose flowing clothes will help the process.

16. Avoid waxing during your periods

A woman is extra sensitive to pain during her periods. So time your waxing session accordingly.

Follow one tip to have a less painful waxing session. Follow them all to have a completely painless one!

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