Easy guide to smokey eyes using only kajal

Smokey eyes are, just as
they are named, hot and how! Sultry, sensuous and sizzling, it’s always a
success anywhere. But while the smokey eyes look is sophisticated, achieving it
could be simple! Sure you could go the longer route by using the ‘right’ things
like an array or eyeshadows, brushes, moisturiser and what not. Or you could
get simply lovely smokey eyes using just a kajal.

Here’s how you do it.

First draw a thin line of
kajal on the insides of your lower eyelash line.

Turn the kajal over and
use its blunt end to smudge it a bit.

Next draw a thicker line
along your upper eyelash line.

Again use the blunt end of
the brush to smudge it out.

Lastly put a few dots of
kajal on your eyelids.

Use your finger to blend
it into your brows on one side and the smudged kajal below.

And you are ready to
sizzle. Simple.

Author: enrichsalon

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