Your essential guide to cartridge wax

traditional hot pot waxing system is passé. And the cartridge wax is in. For
those of you who have still not made the change in what is an essential routine
for most, there are many compelling reasons why you should. For those who are
new to the concept, let us first explain what cartridge waxing is all about.

What is
cartridge waxing?

Cartridge waxing is the process of using one-time-use wax that comes in mostly disposable cartridges that are electrically warmed to the desired temperature. The wax is then applied like a roll on onto the area that needs waxing, following which the unwanted hair is pulled off with a disposable waxing strip. There are many benefits this way of waxing has over the traditional hot pot waxing.

How to do
cartridge waxing?

The wax
cartridge is first set to a predesignated temperature and the power is switched
on. Once it heats up, a bit is rolled on to your skin to see which temperature
you are comfortable with. The temperature mark is reset to this temperature.
Once ready to use, the cartridge is taken out from the charger and rolled on to
the area that needs to be waxed. No spatula is needed for application as the
cartridge itself is the applicator. Then disposable waxing strips are used to
remove the unwanted hair. The cartridge cannot be reused if it is a disposable
one. It has to be thrown away. Refillable cartridges are available too, which
need to be refilled only after complete cleaning and disinfecting.

Why is
cartridge waxing better than the hot pot?

No fear of
cross contamination or infection

In the traditional waxing process, the same hot pot is used on a person after person by heating and reheating the same wax. The same spatula is used to layer on the wax. This leads to cross-contamination of not only hair but also bacteria which breed prolifically in the hot damp environment and take rides on the spatula from one person to another. Cartridge waxing, on the other hand, allows the use of only one set of cartridges for one person. So there is no fear of contamination. As for the spatula, it is simply not needed.

Takes less
time and is cheaper

Given the long-winded process of heating the hot pot, testing it at each stage for overheating, laying on the wax correctly on the skin using an unwieldy spatula, the cartridge wax is a much better option to go for. The light indicator tells you when the temperature has reached your designated mark. Applying it is a simple process of rolling it on with single sweeps. And your skin is ready for the wax strips. This cuts down drastically on salon time, and hence also costs.

Is safer

While the hot pot may overheat unless it is monitored every now and then, or the layer of wax applied on your skin may be too thick as well as hot, both of which can cause burns, the cartridge wax is immune to such unfortunate incidents. The cartridge cannot overheat as the temperature is set. The wax cannot be layered on too thick as it is a roll on the procedure. So no more burns.

Is less messy

traditional hot spot waxing is in line with images of dripping spatulas,
running sides of the pot and more. Cartridge waxing has no room for such
accidental drips and spills.

cartridge waxing is great, there are ways to make it even better

Some tips to
get the most out of cartridge waxing

Remember to
roll and test a new cartridge on an unused wax strip to make sure the wax is
flowing evenly.

Remember to
have a light touch when rolling on the wax.

Remember to hold the cartridge at an angle of 45 degrees when rolling the wax on.

Remember to
decide on and set the temperature before starting the waxing procedure.

Remember to
use cartridge skirts to ensure no wax drips.

Remember never
to reuse a cartridge head.

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