Expert tips for Party Makeup

Every day make up is very different from party makeup. Because the need for the day (or the night) is different. While one needs to take into account the brightness of the sun, the other needs to cater to low lights. While one needs to take into account normal wear and tear of the day, the other needs to cater to the more active onslaught of the good time. Both need to be sophisticated, but in one there is more scope to add glamour than the other. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when putting on your party makeup.

Party makeup for your skin

Primer tips

Your makeup is about to take a beating directly proportional to the amount you have fun partying. It will have to stand up to things like dancing all night, staying up till dawn, having fun without thinking about your makeup being in place. Choosing and using the right primer is the trick to achieve that. Choose a lightweight (so you can layer the makeup on more) waterproof (so you can sweat it out on the dance floor) mattifying (so the shine you add to your makeup comes from only the glitter) primer. Set the canvas for the night by laying the base to your makeup.

Foundation and concealer tips

To make your makeup go that extra mile for you, make sure not to skip this routine. With the blemishes and skin imperfections taken care of, making your party makeup look flawless will be that much easier. So don’t be in a rush to get to the lipstick. Prepare your face first. Use it wisely, including areas of your neckline that will be exposed and blend them into your hairline. So you can carry off not just your face but that lovely plunging top off with elan.

Bronzer, blusher and highlighter tips

The artificial lighting in a typical party environment may make your foundation and concealer work look too flat and artificial. So give your complexion the relief it needs with the judicious use of the bronzer, the blusher and the highlighter. Use more than you would during the day time because you need that much of extra drama in your party look.

Compact powder tips

Nowhere is the compact powder needed more than on makeup you applied for a night party. You don’t want your makeup caking up and letting go, just when you have decided to let go and have pure fun. Choose a sebum-absorbing compact to keep the shine away and the makeup falling apart.

Party makeup for your eyes

Brow tips

While we think about only the eye makeup, we often forget to give as much importance to our eyebrows. But equal attention to your eyebrows makes a whole lot of difference to how your eyes would look without it. So make sure your eyebrows are shaped and filled in evenly, even a bit darker than normal so they stand out in artificial light, before moving on to your eye makeup.

Eye shadow tips

Choose eye shadow shades that are more dramatic than those you use during the day. Partying calls for that extra flare. Add mystery, something that goes hand in hand with the dark, by using smokey greyish effects. Some lip balm or petroleum jelly applied on your lids before applying eye shadow is a way to make the latter stand out even more. If you are brave enough and want to really party in its right spirit, go for jewel tones or metallic ones.

Eyeliner tips

Party nights are ideal for experimenting with different cat eye strokes. Extend the line well out of your eyes at the outer corners. Go for bold strokes from liquid eyeliners. Drop the pencil eye liner on party nights. You want your effect to last bold and strong till dawn.

Eyelash tips

No matter how long your natural eyelashes are, do go for false eyelashes to enhance the effect. Add more towards the outer corners of your eyes for special effects. Enhance them even further with generous use of waterproof mascara.

Party makeup for your lips

Balm tips

Definitely use balm on your lips and let it settle for some time before applying lipstick. This will make sure your lipstick runs on smoothly, and does not crack and chap with your lips.

Lip pencil tips

First pencil along your lip line, drawing them out to the full extent you want them to appear. Go for dark colours in order to make them stand out at night. Pencil in towards the centre of the lips a bit too so that the artificial lights do not pick out the line where the liner and the lipstick meet.

Lipstick tips

Now is the time to go crazy with lipstick colours. Go ahead and wear the darkest or most dramatic shades at will. You never want to be underdressed for a party. And remember to pop the lipstick you used into your handbag for touch ups inbetween beverage breaks.

Party makeup final tips

Some things are not part of your party makeup, yet ignoring them will render your makeup useless. So it will be in place to touch on those tips too. For example, get a manicure and a pedicure. When someone, looking at your face, looks down at your hands, you would want the smile to stay. Choose your outfit carefully so it complements your makeup. Add a little shimmer here and there on your arms and shoulders to add to your sparkle. Concentrate as much on your hair do as you did on your makeup. Go ahead Cinerella. Be your own fairy godmother.

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