How to get the best out of cartridge waxing

Cartridge waxing is a good way of waxing large areas, like arms, legs, back and chest, and is a good alternative for the traditional strip waxing done using hot wax. It is faster, so it gets you out of the salon quicker, and the results are great. The whole premise of cartridge waxing is the use of cartridges of premixed wax which heats on a charger to a designated temperature, and all the beautician has to do is roll it over your skin when ready. After which he or she will apply the cloth strips and pull off unwanted hair. It is economical, and it is also less time consuming as the beautician will not spend extra time laying on the wax using the spatula and checking if it was laid on right. But to get the best out of cartridge waxing, there are some dos and don’ts which you should see is being followed.

Make sure the cartridge head is correctly oriented

The cartridge head should be perfectly oriented and not be off centre in any way. If you find a cartridge that is not sitting right, either return it or dispose of it. This will ensure there are no side effects which the manufacturers never foresaw and also that your end result is smooth and problem free.

Test the heat needed before setting the temperature mark

After setting the heat to the recommended temperature test it on your skin by rolling on a bit on your skin. This is because not everyone’s skin has the same sensitivity. So what might be comfortable for you will not be so for another and might scald yet another one. Once you have determined your level of comfort, the charger can be calibrated to that mark. This will ensure that not only do all the hair follicles come out, but also no burns on your skin. Ideally the temperature mark should not exceed 4.5.

Don’t keep changing the temperature

Once you have fixed on the temperature that is comfortable for you, that also melts the wax, stick to it. This will ensure your skin will not rebel against the sudden changes of temperature and go red and blue at will.

Make sure the cartridges are not reheated

Cartridges used for cartride wax are designed in a way so it needs to be heated once to designated temperature, and then used or discarded. If it is reheated for reuse it shall entirely be at your own risk. Make sure cartridges are heated only once per cartridge. This will ensure there are no side effects which the manufacturers never foresaw.

Make sure the wax is lightly rolled on

Never ever allow the wax to be forced onto the skin by applying extra pressure on the cartridge. If the wax is not distributing evenly and without interruption, it means the angle at which the cartridge is held is wrong. The cartridge should be at an angle of 45 degrees to your skin for continuous effective flow. This will ensure that you have an imperfection free waxing session.

Make sure you get a new cartridge for each session

Cartridges should never be used beyond one session, or for more than one person. Make sure that if a disposable cartridge is being used, it be taken out for use in front of you. If a refillable cartridge is used make sure it has been cleaned, sanitised and then refilled before use. This will ensure that you have no skin allergies or infections after the waxing session is over. The last thing you want, after paying to look smooth, is to break into rashes.

Make sure a disposable cartridge is not refilled

A disposable one time use cartridge is exactly that. Trying to refill it is just not a good idea. Don’t try it. This will ensure there are no side effects which the manufacturers never foresaw.

Make sure a spatula is nowhere in the picture

A cartridge wax session is all about doing away with the unpredictable and time consuming spatula. Using one kind of defeats the purpose. Use the cartridge like a roll on. This will ensure a smooth waxing session the way it was supposed to be in the first place.

Keep this simple things in mind when going for cartridge waxing, and you will get the best results that this convenient process allows.

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