It’s Women’s Day today. And it will be so tomorrow. Has been so yesterday. Can we really pinpoint a single date to celebrate Women’s Day? Any day is Women’s Day where she is being celebrated. Whether it be in thoughts, actions or words. And if she is not being celebrated so often, she should be. Because she does not pick and choose days in which to bloom in all her glory, sense of responsibility, multitasking abilities, and in making the world livable to say the least. #womensdayeveryday

Let us take a typical day

Somewhere a doctors rushes to hospital after an early morning call. To aid a woman delivering a baby. A baby who one day could change the world, or just make someone happy. Kudos! Somewhere else a woman brings someone his or her morning tea with a special ingredient of her own. Her smile. Makes that simple cup of tea more tasty to the other person. Kudos! Yet elsewhere a woman delicately places her hand on her partner’s hand to calm a fight brewing between friends, and an evening ends in good will. Kudos!

But knowing is not enough

Just acknowledging to yourself that women make a difference is almost meaningless. It has to be expressed and celebrated. It is the least a woman can expect in return for her being herself and holding pieces together. We should give her at least that much if not more. Celebration can be a smile, a hug, a special gift for no reason. Or, celebration can be telling her how great it is the way she is managing work and home. It can be a simple or big way of making her feel good in return, for Women’s Day – every day.

Celebration can also be recognising the woman in YOURSELF

Celebrate other women by all means. But we at Enrich, who believe in ‘Love Begins With You’, feel that you should start by celebrating yourself. You are the woman of today. You not only know your worth but are also not afraid to show that you know. This is not about being arrogant. This is about being proud. No one, other than you, knows what you mean to each different being in your life put together. You owe it to yourself. With no apologies.

Celebrate #womensdayeveryday by…

How does one go about celebrating oneself? Simple. By giving yourself the importance and individual recognition you give others.

Smile into the mirror

Go ahead. Do it. With anyone present there or not, interact with your mirror. Smile at yourself. Proudly, happily, and in appreciation. You will feel the good hormones rushing through you that will help you keep on carrying on the good work for others as well as yourself. That’s a way of celebrating Women’s Day any day.

Treat yourself

Go and have that solo dinner you always wanted. Just do it. Order all the things you cannot order when others are there because they don’t like those things. Feel good factor guaranteed of course! If you are not up to that, demand a treat from your friends or your partner. Celebrate you right to making that demand. Better still, make them cook the dinner while you watch your favourite show! That’s a way of celebrating Women’s Day any day.

Choose your own seat

For once, or better still for always, choose the seat you want whether it be in a car, a table or a theatre. Just like you let others choose their seat always, let yourself do the same for a change. No, you will not come across as a selfish person. People will admire and respect you for your voicing your desires. Celebrate through that admiration. That’s a way of celebrating Women’s Day any day.

Give yourself a holiday

The caring woman in you always tries to find a time to holiday not only when she is free, but also when her family is. Do something different for once. Let the woman in you make arrangements for their care while you are away, and let the individual in you just book tickets to nowhere till any time. That’s a way of celebrating Women’s Day any day.

Decide time slots as per your wishes

Balancing work and personal life is actually trying to fit in what society and workplace wants from you as opposed to what you would really want. If you feel the urge to work on a Saturday because you are excited about the presentation you are making, do it. If in the middle of a meeting you feel like hearing someone’s voice for a minute, take a restroom break, go out, and make that call. Then only will you be able to find that true balance that will not only give greater results at work and home, but also make for a more contented you.

Find your joy

Celebrate yourself the way you want to without any room for guilt. It could be in the ways above. It could be some other quirky way that is you. The guilt only comes in when you don’t think you deserve it. So celebrate first by convincing yourself that you deserve to feel good. The joy you will feel will be the best celebration of your womanhood ever.And it will be Women’s Day for you. Every day.

How will you celebrate #womensdayeveryday ? Tell us in the comments!

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