5 expert tips on how to do daily makeup

Learning how to do your daily makeup is more important than knowing the latest trends. It comes before planning to try out every style to see which suits you best. This is because doing it wrong could lead to not just unsatisfactory results, but also skin problems. You want your makeup to enhance your beauty. Not hide the flaws of your skin. Here are some tips from experts.

1. The order of what you do is of utmost importance

The routine of makeup does not just consist of the individual routines in random order. Each has a time and place of its own, for a reason.

Firstly this is how to do makeup for your face

Start with a clean slate. Clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser to remove old makeup and dirt. This will not only reduce chances of infection, but also not lead to caking of your makeup.

Moisturise your face no matter what your skin type is.

Now it is time to prime your face. The primer is your only hope of making your makeup last till the end of the day. So do not overlook it. Take a small amount of primer only, and apply it over your whole face.

Time for the foundation. This creates a canvas on which you will proceed to apply your makeup. Take care to blend your foundation into your skin behind the ears and at the neck. This ensures there is no defining line between the made up part and your natural skin. Also make sure your foundation matches your skin tone as much as possible.

A concealer over your foundation applied over blemishes and under the eyes will help conceal these dark patches.

Now give some time for your foundation to set, if you want your makeup to last longer.

A highlighter now will help you make your skin tone less flat which the foundation might make it seem. The cheekbones are something you might want to highlight. Work the highlights artistically around the natural contours of your face.

Now add a little bit of blush on your cheeks. Apply it in very small amounts as you want the blush to look like a natural one.

Next take up an eyebrow pencil to define and fill in the sparse areas if any of your eyebrows.

Next do your eye makeup

First of all apply an eye shadow primer for the same reason as your facial primer. Apply it from the roots of your eyelashes upwards. Let it set.

Next apply the eye shadow in the same direction as the primer. Make sure it blends into your skin at the top edges. One or two coats we will leave up to you.

It’s time for the defining eye liner. What the eye liner inherently does is makes your lash line look fuller. So it makes sense to choose an eye liner that closely matches the colour of your eye lashes. Use a pencil for a smudgy look. Use a liquid for more defined strokes.

Last in your eye makeup routine should be the mascara, if any. Apply it in upward strokes starting from the inner corner of your eye to the outer.

Now it is time to do makeup for your lips

First make sure your lips are soft and smooth by using either a balm, a sealer or a lip primer. A good balm will also prevent from chapping later on.

Now apply lip liner by making first an outline around the line of your lips, followed by working inwards over your entire lips.

Now, over this, apply a lip gloss or lipstick. Start from the center and work towards the corners.

A final setting spray

This is needed to make your makeup last even longer, the way you applied it in the first place.

2. Makeup tricks and treats

Here are some secrets that go beyond ‘how to do makeup’ to ‘how to be clever with your makeup’.

Turn your smudgy eye pencil into a into an even more smudgier one

Want to get an even more smudgy effect? Just hold your eye pencil in a small flame for a few seconds till you see the tip changing quality. Cool it off for a few seconds more, and apply!

Get rid of niggling mascara smudge problems

Don’t you just hate it when a perfectly applied mascara leaves its footprints below your brow while applying? Just hold a spoon between your brows and the mascara applying brush while applying. Simple!

Make your eye shadow more eye catching

Worried that your eye shadow will be just a little too subtle to the point of invisibility? Just use a white eyeliner under it as a base for the original colour to pop out!

Mascara emergency helpline

Are you ready for the show, but your mascara has dried out? Just add a few drops of saline solution to it to keep it going till you get your fresh mascara!

Make your lip makeup last even longer

After finishing making up your lips, press a tissue on them, and over the tissue, dust them lightly with a semi-transparent powder. It helps the effect set.

Find the contours of your face

Run a pencil parallel to your face and touching it all over it. The contours will be very evident to you and highlighting them will be a cinch.

3. Do the right things right

How you do your makeup is not just a flowchart of directions. It also involves some application in the area of choosing the right things, and applying them right.

Use the same base foundation and primer

Oil based primers should be used with oil based foundations. Water based primers should be used with water based foundations. Else they will not sit together, and simply slip off each other.

Choose the mode of application carefully

When you want something selective application, use your fingers. When you want to apply all over your face, use a brush.

Apply your foundation downwards. Always.

The fine hair on your face gets flattened out when you apply your foundation downwards and then set it. Making the canvas of your makeup a smooth one. Doing it the other way makes the hair set on end, making applying anything on it a clumpy nightmare.

4. Use good products

No matter how well you apply what you apply, even in the right order, it’s a no-go if the products you use are not good. Do not settle for inexpensive products unless you are convinced of their quality. The higher priced products are so for more than one reason. When it comes to enhancing your beauty, you do not want disasters. Use good products. Your skin as well as you deserve it.

5. Take your makeup off at night before sleeping

‘How to do makeup’ is never complete without ‘how to take off makeup’. The next day’s makeup as well as the health of your skin, and hence every day’s makeup, depends on this. If you don’t take a proper makeup removal cleanser at night and remove all residue makeup, your next few days will be ruined. Take care while doing makeup to look good. Take care while removing makeup to keep looking good. Without fail.

Well, there you have it – all the information you need to look even more amazing, every day, easily. Makeup is not so difficult after all!

Do you have any tips of your own that have made your daily makeup application easier? Let us know in the comments!

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