Be your own Valentine first

Will you be your Valentine?

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is not just about romance and couples romantically inclined. It is about celebrating love, in the broadest sense of the term, with any one you love. Your mother could be your Valentine. Your sister could be your Valentine. And yes, you yourself could and should be your own Valentine first. Why is that?


Because love begins with you

Like everything else in the world, all things have a beginning. The same goes with love. Love begins with one person. You. As an infant you love only yourself. Yes, you need your mother, you need your milk, and you need your sleep. You learn to love them later on, once you have realized what love is about after having loved yourself. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. In fact there is everything right with it. Because, if you don’t have it within yourself for yourself first, how do you spread what you don’t have?


Because you need to accept yourself before you expect others to

If you are not in love with yourself, with who you are, with the values you believe in, it shows. Just like an internal illness shows in an unseemly pimple on your skin. So until and unless you learn to love and accept yourself as you are, others will just see that insecurity within you and be justifiably unsure about you as a person. Whereas if you are totally comfortable with yourself, that too will show. And the people around you will accept you as you are and will love you for it.


Because you need to set your own standards of love before expecting the same from others

Love means as many different things as there are people on this planet. Each has his or her own unique interpretation of it as well as his or her unique way of showing it. What you need to come to terms with is what your standards regarding love are. That realization can only come when you have a relationship with the person closest to you. You. Love yourself completely and only then will you realize what loves means to you and what you expect from it. Once that is clear in your own head, loving another or accepting love from another becomes easier with little room for confusion. Leading to longer lasting, or even eternal love.


Because if even you cannot love yourself, how will another love you?

You do not love yourself? Delve deep why. What are these flaws in you that even you cannot get yourself to live with? Correct them if you feel they are really valid reasons. If they are not valid, correct your insecurities regarding them. Set aside as much time as you need to do some real soul searching to figure out which one is which. Then work on the issues that need working on. Voila! You no longer have those flaws or insecurities about imaginary flaws! You have someone who will be easier to fall in love with too!


Because loving yourself will not make you seek approval outside

It is human nature to seek approval, to be praised, to be assured that one is on the right track, or that one is beautiful, or that one is a good person. Once you learn to love yourself before anything else, these assurances and approvals will come from within yourself to yourself. You will learn to trust your own opinion about yourself, and the constant lookout for approval from others will no longer be a necessity. This will make you more confident, which will show, and it will also make others love to be around you because they will not feel the pressure to tell you your right from your wrong. Yes, this can only stem from deep conversations you should have with yourself, ones possible only with one you love completely.


Because when you love yourself you look better!

There is no facial or beauty treatment that can give you the eternal glow of inner peace and love. This glow not only exudes from your skin but from your nature, your whole being, your aura, your very presence. This can only come from inner love which originates with loving yourself first. When you love yourself, you are the happiest person on earth because you are always, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with someone you love and care about deeply. Yourself. This gives you inner strength and confidence along with a sense of love that brims on the spiritual, which in turn makes you appear as a beautiful person on the outside too. And no matter what one says, who does not want to look good, that too all the time?


Because loving yourself makes you a healthier person

When you love yourself truly, you take care of yourself just like anyone who takes care of anyone else who he or she loves truly. So you don’t let health problems take a back seat. You tend to them immediately. You eat better because you know that is good for you. Your lifestyle is such that is good for your body and mind. And as a bonus, if you are at peace with yourself, health problems automatically lessen because of the good hormones you allow to flow inside of you. Net result, not only are you a beautiful person inside and out, you are also able to expend the extra energy you have in taking care of others because your health does not need taking care of much.


Because self-love attracts love

Yes. A person in love with his or her self, for all the above reasons, is a delightful person to be with and loving him or her becomes a difficult thing NOT to do. So starting with making yourself your own Valentine is going to lead to many future “Will you be my Valentine?” proposals that just might go to your head if you are not careful! Here’s wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Give it to yourself!

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