You can make sure that you have a happy Dussehra

What is the significance of Dussehra?

Dussehra, celebrated at the end of Navratri, is in actuality the symbolic celebration of the victory of good over evil. Whether it be goddess Durga’s killing of the asura Mahisasura in order to restore dharma, or Lord Rama’s killing of Ravana to end his evil reign, or Arjuna’s defeating the entire Kaurava army to restore peace, harmony and all that is good. Which is why when we greet someone with a “Happy Dussehra”, we wish upon that person the power to find within himself only his or her good by vanquishing all that is evil inside.


What is the significance of wishing yourself a Happy Dussehra?

At Enrich Salon, we have always believed in ‘Love Begins With You’, and we feel this philosophy has special meaning on Dussehra for each of you. Since, by wishing yourself a Happy Dussehra, you respect that love that you have for yourself by working on your own negatives, and bringing out your positives in all their glory. Sounds difficult? Not really, if you look within yourself, analyse your own traits, and break them down into simple workable parts. Here are a few examples of how you can go about doing that. We all have our own unique lists of inner evils. It is about being able to identify them yourself. The following are pointers and exercises on how to tackle a bad trait and to turn it on its head into something good. If you love yourself enough to do that, that is. Which you should be. Because you are worth it.


This Dussehra kill your envy, and celebrate your ability to appreciate others

Envy is extremely counter productive. It is in no way constructive. It makes you not only want your name on what somebody else has achieved, but actually makes you hate that person for doing it. Where does that get you? In a quagmire of your own negativity and impotent rage. Love yourself by first realising this. And then working on it. Kill the envy. Replace it with appreciation for the other’s achievement. That is very easy to do. It’s just about realising that the other person is another individual like you and did what he wanted to do. Another great take away from this exercise is telling and teaching yourself that if someone else can do it, you can too. Find out how. Go about trying. You might fail, you might succeed. But you shall have gained self-respect. And constructive ambition.


This Dussehra kill your greed, and celebrate your ability to share

Taking what you need is a necessity, what you want is a luxury and more than what you could need and want is an evil. An evil that grows by itself, and keeps growing on its own growth. We all know that greed can get us a lot, but it will never satisfy us, and will just make us greedy for more. But we fail to realise it when we fall victim to this horrible addiction ourselves. If you love yourself, then kill this addiction. It is easy to do that. Just concentrate on the discomfort of your body when you have eaten more than you should have. Concentrate on the restlessness and loss of peace of mind when you have hoarded more wealth than you would ever need which would now need protecting. Concentrate on the money you could have saved which you spent on something which gave you a moment’s pleasure. Focus on these negatives so you come to hate them. And it will be easy to stop being greedy. Once you reach that stage you may want to channelise your thoughts on those who do not even have what they need, forget about want and greed. Maybe you could share what you have with somebody who needs it as much as you do. Wealth might get divided. But happiness and love will multiply. That is a guarantee.


This Dussehra kill procrastination, and celebrate your ability to believe in the now

Procrastination has a domino effect on your life. You put something away that you should have done today for another day, and when you get down to doing it, you shall have pushed something that needed doing then to a later date. Remember that procrastination goes by your mind clock and has the luxury of taking all the time in the world. But also remember that a person’s lifetime is fixed and will not extend in any way because you needed more time. Procrastination might get jobs done, eventually, but only a few. And you will have led a life unfulfilled with less work done, less fun had, less vacations taken, less achievements made, more cupboards that needed emptying, more cobwebs on shelves, more pending apologies that never got made, less promises kept. Sounds horrible? If you love yourself, just kill it. With a simple notepad. Write down things to do as and when they crop up. Do them, strike each one off. Do it as an exercise for a short while. And you will be surprised to find that getting things that need doing done, whether it be to get it out of the way, or whether it be something constructive and positive, you will feel energized to do more and, strangely, be left with more time to relax which would otherwise have been spent unknowingly on ruminating on jobs that you had pending. So if you truly love yourself, show it to yourself now.


This Dussehra take a meaningful step towards Diwali

Having promised yourself this Dussehra to start working on killing the evils inside you, and bringing out the good in all its glory, Diwali will hold new meaning for you. From the darkness inside yourself you shall have walked into the light of the goodness withing yourself. And what better festival than Diwali to add more light to that light within? So go ahead. Your time starts this Dussehra. To get yourself Diwali-ready and to let the good times begin!

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