Celebrating Section 377 with yourself

What’s the big deal about Section 377?

The recent ruling on Section 377 has been a very important landmark in many aspects, a very important one being about love. At Enrich Salons, our philosophy being Love Begins With You, we relate to this ruling in a big way. Our take on it being, now we are free to love ourselves first. Let us take the different things the ruling judges believed in and see how that can be translated to you being now freer to love yourself before loving anyone else.


Sexual autonomy is an important pillar and an inseparable facet of individual liberty

This statement means one has the right to take his or her own decision regarding who to love, and it is a part and parcel of his or her individual right. This can be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, or… between you and yourself. Yes! You have the right to choose to love yourself first. It is your right and duty at the same time!


Having an intimate relationship is a matter of complete personal choice between consenting adults

One has the right to choose who to have an intimate relationship with, and it is his or her personal decision, which has to be respected. We ask, what greater intimate relationship can one have, than with oneself? When one delves deep within oneself to find his or her inner being, be it through meditation, contemplation, constructive thought and self-understanding, the result is invariably positive. It makes you find the real you, and teaches you to love yourself for what you are, and to improve upon characteristics in order to become a better person. This unique relationship can happen if both of you, the outer you and the inner you, are both consenting. Which means you have to be open to this self exploration for it to work.


Attitudes have to change to accept the distinct identity of individuals instead of compelling them to be who they are not

This is the third opinion. This statement means the mentality of people has to change in order to break the social pressure of fitting into a ‘mould’. A combined acceptance of this will make this change happen, and every individual working towards it is going to make an impact. To start with, that individual should be you, by accepting yourself, and being the unique you.


When the liberty of a person is smothered under some vague stipulation that it is against the order of nature, then the fundamental right of one’s liberty of is abridged.

This means that one has the right not to believe in vague tenets on what is natural and what is not. What society believes is normal or natural, may not be your belief. It is obvious that loving oneself first is one of the most strong natural instincts, like being comfortable in your own skin. If you have noticed, as a child, one is born with the instinct to protect oneself first. A child saves himself from falling into a pit. He or she does not look around to see if there are other children to save. Those behaviours come later from acquired learnings. Not instinct. So if you follow your natural instincts, you come first. Which is how it should be. For if you do not protect and love yourself first, how will you be around to be there for others?


People have a fundamental right to live with dignity

This statement means that no matter what one’s preferences, one has the right to live with dignity and be respected for his or her orientation as long as he or she maintains that dignity. So if you think that by putting yourself first and loving yourself first is going to raise eyebrows, now you know who is in the right. You have every right to live your life loving yourself before loving others as long as you live it with dignity. And what can be more dignified than to love yourself for what you are?


People loving people of the same sex are not suffering from any mental disorders and hence cannot be penalised.

One has the right to love another of the same sex and cannot be legally punished for it. If you think carefully, how can loving anything be a mental disorder? So, in context, being in love with yourself is not only a beautiful thing, but also something no one has the right to frown upon. So go ahead. Celebrate your first love freely. Yourself.


The yearning to find love and fulfilment in human relationships has a universal appeal

It is the most natural thing for someone to not just want, but need love and fulfilment in a relationship. And yes, the first person you can look to fit that bill can be you yourself. If you learn to love yourself, you will understand yourself better. And you will then be in a better position to fulfill your own emotional needs than anybody else who can never know you as well as you can yourself. Find that inner love. And let it fulfill you before you seek it from elsewhere.


The Section 377 is yet another step in making something as pure as love more widely available. It’s time to celebrate love, by loving even more. Everything and everyone around you. Including yourself. Specially yourself.

Author: enrichsalon

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