Teach yourself to love yourself first this Teachers’ Day

Who is a teacher?

A teacher is any being who passes on good knowledge, positive realisation or any other virtue to another, along with giving him or her the ways of using it to one’s good in his or her life. Be it your dog who taught you to be patient and to find joy in small things, your child who taught you the values of responsibility, or your school teacher who taught you your alphabet, any one can, and should be a teacher. So can you, by sharing whatever good you have within yourself with others who can benefit by it. So Teachers’ Day, in its essence, is really Everyone’s Day. Or should be.


But this Teachers’ Day you have a special someone to teach. You.

While we get busy teaching others what we think is right, we tend to neglect ourselves in the process. Teaching yourself new things is a huge part of finding yourself as a person. There are many things you can teach yourself, but this Teachers’ Day, we at Enrich Salons, whose philosophy is “Love begins with you”, have a special task for you. Which is, teach yourself to love yourself first.


Why is loving oneself first so important for a teacher?


If you do not love yourself, you will not have confidence in yourself.

If you do not have confidence in yourself, no one will believe that what you teach them is right.

Say for example you have great philosophies to share. Practical philosophies one can use in his or her life to take him or her through the rough patches they will invariable face. If you do not love yourself enough to practice them yourself in your own life to make it better first, people will react with doubt when you share your views with them. After all, practice what you preach makes sense. Give yourself love, take your own life to a better place with your ideals, and people will come to you.


If you do not love yourself, you will not be a good human being.

If you are not a good human being, no one in their right minds will want to learn anything from you.

Say for example you have great knowledge of the physics of the Universe. But say, for argument’s sake, you are not a good person at heart. Intelligent people will want no part of what you have to teach. You might argue what scientific knowledge has to do with your moral character? A lot, really. If you do not understand the basics of how being a good human being works, which even a child can teach you, how will people believe that you understand the complexities of the workings of the Universe? That would be like learning a divine melody from someone with no soul. But, if you invest some time in yourself, and learn to love yourself first, this learning will teach you to be a good person. Who you CAN love. After which others will warm up first to you, and then be more accepting of your wider theories.


If you do not love yourself, you will never be a role model.

If you are not a role model, what benchmark will those who learn from you have?

A teacher has to be a role model. He or she is introducing us to something new. We need to see the validation of that in our teacher first. Say for example you are a chef with many delicious recipes up your sleeve. But all your recipes, again for argument’s sake, are very tasty but not very healthy. This is because you are into junk food, unmindful of what your body is getting, because you do not love yourself enough to care. Eager learners will ask you for your recipes and have a great meal. Till they don’t feel so good. They realise the life you lead as far as your eating habits are concerned aren’t exactly commendable. They will no longer want to learn from you. On the other hand, love yourself enough to have a healthy life and eating style. Your recipes will be healthy too, as well as tasty – after all, you are a great chef. People will love your cooking because it is good overall, and seeing what good your own food does to you, they will remain die hard fans.


If you do not love yourself, you will not have a positive approach to anything.

If you do not have a positive approach to anything, no one will want to learn what you teach.

There are teachers who slap a kid for getting a sum wrong. Then there are teachers who turn the negative situation around into a positive one, by explaining to the kid why he got the sum wrong, and hence how he or she will avoid the same mistake. This will ensure that the kid will not get it wrong again, while remaining happy even though he or she got the sum wrong. The latter has been proven to be highly conducive to an ideal educational atmosphere. But you cannot be that teacher who looks at things positively, if you do not love yourself enough to have invested time in teaching yourself to be a person who looks at only the good and also learns how to turn the bad into his or her advantage as a learning experience. No matter the subject you teach, the first thing your student will learn from you is your approach to learning things. Which of course should be positive.


So how do you teach yourself to love yourself first?

It’s pretty simple really. Just put yourself first in everything. This does not mean being greedily selfish. It means  being healthily so. It means making time for yourself and doing things that help you feel better about yourself. This will make you satisfied, content and confident enough to share your love with whatever else you have to share with others. Start practising from this Teachers’ Day onwards.


On that note we wish the teacher in everybody a love-filled and happy Teachers’ Day!

Author: enrichsalon

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