Basic skincare routines to keep your skin healthy

The basic skincare routine for any type of skin

No amount of make up will cover up for skin that is not healthy. In fact, it will make it even worse and your skin even more unhealthy. Whereas healthy skin, with or without make up, shows. Not only in just your face but your confidence in yourself. So how does one go about having healthy skin, apart of course from eating a balanced diet and drinking enough fluids? Some very basic skincare day routines that we have listed down for you to refer to and follow easily. This is the basic skincare routine to follow, with differences in product types as per your skin type which we will come to later.


Remove your make up if it is the last thing you do

The first step starts as the last thing you do before going to bed. Remove all your make up. Completely. Choose a make up remover wisely as many do not do the job completely. Carefully and gently wipe your face with cotton soaked in the remover till it has been removed completely. Use specialized make up removers to remove harder to erase make up like around your eyes and mouth.


Use a cleanser twice a day

Choose a cleanser that suits you and wash your face once in the morning before applying any make up, and again last thing at night after removing your make up. If you do not use make up, cleanse your face twice a day any way. You can add another cleansing in between in case you get too grimy and sweaty in the course of the day. To use a cleanser right, splash your face with warm but not hot water. Massage the cleanser into your face with circular upward motions. Remove it by splashing with warm water again. Pat dry.


Use a toner after every cleansing session

Take a toner that is preferably free of alchohol and wet a cotton ball with it. After you have patted dry your face once your cleansing routine is complete, wipe your face with this toner soaked cotton while avoiding the eyes. Keep it on without rinsing it off and let it dry naturally.


Moisturise your skin

Once your toner has dried completely, massage in a suitable moisturiser in circular upward motions. If you feel your skin is getting massaged too much, you can also pat on the moisturiser gently. Consider getting specialized creams for use under and around your eyes.


Exfoliate your skin at least once a week

Do this at least once, if not twice. But not more than that as it may take off more than just your dry skin and cause damage. While you exfoliate remember you are not working with sand paper. Be gentle as with all other skin care routines. Choose between wash off scrubs, a chemical exfoliant, a natural exfoliant, a simple sponge or a home made exfoliant.


Use sunscreen every day

Whether the Sun is out or not, whether you are indoors or outdoors, use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays that are always present during daylight hours. This is the last step in your morning basic skincare routine before applying make up. Make sure your sunscreen is SPF 30 or higher.


The routine for oily skin

While the basic skincare routine remains the same as with any type of skin, what differs is the kind of products you use or not use.


Choosing your cleanser

A foam based cleanser is best for this skin type as foam helps remove oils effectively yet gently. But remember to use only a small amount. Try not to use a cleanser more than twice a day if your skin is oily, as it may actually lead to more oil secretion and more pimples.


Look for acne fighting ingredients in your products

For whatever you use, check the ingredients for products that will help you fight acne, which is a given problem with oily skin. Some of the ingredients are salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, retinoid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and witch hazel. If you see any of these on the ingredients list, go for it.


Add a clay mask to your routine

A clay mask not only helps your skin relax but also gently absorbs away the extral oils in your skin. Apply one after your cleansing routine, leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off. Follow up with the moisturiser.


Choosing your moisturiser

A water based moisturiser is best for this skin type as you want to just moisturise your skin and not add more oil to it! To know if your moisturiser is water based or not, look for water in the ingredients list. It should come in the first or second place. You can also go for a gel based moisturiser if you have oily skin.


Get rid of the habit of touching your face

Oily skin is pimple prone already, and touching your face unnecessarily leads to bacteria being transferred onto your face which will only aggravate the pimples. To be on the safe side always keep your hands clean.


The routine for dry skin

While the routine remains the same as with any type of skin, what differs is the kind of products you use or not use.


Cleanse only once at night

Cleansers tend to remove good oils from your skin so use them only once at night. Replace the morning cleansing routine with a simple rinsing with warm but not hot water. Pat dry.


Replace your make up remover with an oil based cleanser

Make up removers contain alcohol which will dry your already dry skin out further. To remove make up just apply the cleanser to your face and then rinse off with  warm but not hot water.


Add a serum routine

Use a serum on your face just before you apply your moisturiser. The serum works by adding an extra layer of moisture to your skin. Dab your face with a cotton ball soaked in serum or just spread it on with clean hands. Let it stand for a bit before applying your moisturiser, giving the hydration time to soak in.


Look for oils in the ingredients list of your products

Oil based products are what you need every step of the way. So check the labels for any of these ingredients: petrolatum, mineral oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil. If any one of these is listed, it should be in the first or second place.


Look for soothing things in the ingredients list of your products

Dry skin irritates easily. So having soothing ingredients in your product like chamomile, aloe, green tea extract, magnesium ascorbic phosphate or Vitamin C will help your skin stay healthy.


Make sure your products do not contain these things

Alcohols dry out your already dry skin further. Stay away from products that are alcohol based. Other ingredients to stay away from are peppermint, witch hazel, eucalyptus oil, acids and fragrances.


Ask the expert

Basic skincare is sometimes less than optimal. If you are still unhappy with the health of your skin, go straight to a good dermatologist or beauty salon. No two ways about it.

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