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This collection of the latest nail art trends needs a hand. Yours.

Whether you are in the beauty industry and need fresh ideas to wow your clients with, or whether you are simply a lady, who as the phrase goes… is known by her hands… it’s time to put the traditional nail polish to better use by refurbishing it with these latest international nail art trends. What’s great is, each is simple to do, and there is always room for improvisation.


Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

This incredibly stylish nail art style is also incredibly simple to do. First of all, file and clean your nails while removing all cuticles. Then apply a base coat of nail polish to make your nail art more permanent and less prone to discolouration. Now play around with colours of your choice and apply them side by side along the length of your nails. Let it dry completely. Next apply nail strips over only the parts which you want to peep through. Apply two coats of a single colour nail polish of your choice over this. Let it dry again completely. Remove the nail strips carefully and you are done!


Chrome Nail Art

This nail art is again very simple to do but needs one special ingredient – Chrome powder. The effect is that of little brilliant mirrors on your fingers. First of all, file and clean your nails while removing all cuticles. Next, apply a double coat of gel polish, ideally black, or any other of your choice. Cure your nails under UV light for about twenty seconds. Next, apply a top coat of clear gel polish and cure this again under UV light. Using an eye shadow brush, dab the chrome powder onto your nails generously. Do it with enough firmness so the chrome powder spreads and begins to look like foil. Brush off the excess chrome powder from around your nails. Now add another layer of clear top coat of gel polish. This time cure your nails under the UV light for half a minute. Now time to polish your silver jewellery to match those reflective nails!


Ensemble Nail Art

This nail art is the most open to innovation and imagination. Here you go wild with different colours on different nails with different designs, sparkles or glitter on each. An useful tip that creates balance to the eye is that of keeping the same shade for the thumb and the ring finger. No more rules.


Naked Nail Art

This nail art is extremely minimalistic and completely modern. First of all, file and clean your nails while removing all cuticles. Then apply a base coat of nail polish that matches your skin tone exactly. Let it dry out completely. Then use some simple single colour design, or bling, which covers only a small portion of your nails. Now you have the nude yet bold look!


Ombre Nail Art

This stunning ombre gradient nail art effect is surprisingly easy to achieve. First of all, file and clean your nails while removing all cuticles. Then use a light coloured nail polish paint your nails. Dry them out completely. Next, paint beside each other, any number of colours of nail polish, not on your nails but on a piece of flat plastic. Now take a normal tooth pick and mix the colours by swirling them around from where they meet. Twirl it only a bit if you want a less faded look. Else twirl a bit more. Next take a small piece of sponge, dab it on the paint mix and then dab the sponge on the tips of your nails while moving it up and down a bit. Let it dry. Repeat the sponging till you get the desired look. Finally add a double layer of clear top coat to smoothen out the sponge treatment. Now you are ready to let people start guessing how you got that style!


Bling Nail Art

This nail art is about jewellery for your nails. You can use anything you can think of. Sequins, crystals, flowers, tiny stones, lace, anything pretty, anything shiny. After painting your nails just stick on the bling with a tiny bead of acrylic under each instead of just sticking it on the wet nail polish for a more permanent style.


Galactic Nail Art

If yesterday it was all about having the world at your fingertips, today it is about having the cosmos. This is what this nail art is about. First of all file and clean your nails while removing all cuticles. Apply a coat of clear base polish to prevent discolouration. Let it dry. Then apply the background coat of black nail polish. Now you have options – you can make small stars to represent the night sky, or have a variety of sizes to show that you are truly in space!

First add the stars that will be at a distance and hence small. Do this by applying a coat of clear polish with very very small glitter in it. Choose two or three galaxy colours, which come in every shade in reality, and make sure they do not have any glitter. Dab a tiny sponge alternately with each colour and dab a very small amount on each nail to create random faint blotches. Now to make the nearer and bigger starts use a coat of clear polish with larger grains of glitter. Add your own small white dots and splotches for big shining stars using white nail polish. Apply a clear top coat to smoothen the effect. And you are ready to take on the night!


A tip about your fingertips

Remember though that all your nail art will fall flat if your hands are not taken care of. Beautiful nails stand out better on moisturized hands with healthy skin. So take care of your hands too and not just your nails!

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