5 manly hairstyles for men with thick coarse manes

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Long before they should, men are facing increasing trends of thinning and balding. If you feel disadvantaged because you have thick coarse hair, be thankful that you’re lucky enough to retain your locks! We’re here to put your hair to your advantage. Here are some bold and handsome hairstyles for men you could try out depending on your hair and you or your lady’s taste!


The Textured Cut

If the length of your hair is moderately long, you can experiment with this to pull off a fashionably messy toss of the head. This is among the more modern hairstyles for men.

To achieve this style, your stylist will keep the strands on the top of the head as well as the front longer than on the sides. Your face shape will determine how long and short it should be. A mix of point cutting and the use of the razor is usually used to get the desired effect. But do make sure no thinning scissors are allowed anywhere near the top of your head or you will end up with a dense base and wispy ends. Maintaining this hairstyle is very easy as the whole idea is to look messy and not too groomed. So just rub in some clay, putty or texture enhancer and you are ready to roar!


The Pompadour

If you are a lover of everything classic, this hairstyle is for you. The Pompadour was created by none other than the great fashion icon, Madame Pompadour, lover of King Louis the Fifteenth of France! This hairstyle is about gathering the mass of your hair on the top of your head. It matches the shape of your face, whatever it may be.

In order to go for this style make sure your hair is at least three inches long. Your stylist will then carefully cut his way around it to a natural graduation to the top of your head. The length of your hair at the back will be short, and the length in front long. In order to maintain this hairstyle, you will need to use a hair dryer along with some salt spray or mousse to give it a majestic swoop. To do this, keep pulling your hair upwards as you dry it and then push it backwards to give it life. Some putty on the sides and the back followed by a touch of hair spray, and you will truly be standing majestic and tall!


The Quiff

One of the classic hairstyles for men that is in vogue even today is The Quiff. This hairstyle is for those who love an iconic look yet do not want to make it evident that they spend too much time on their hair.

The lengths on the back and sides will depend on the shape of your face. It should not be too short for those with oval faces. If you have any other face type, keep the back soft and the sides short. For a more contemporary look the back and sides should be much shorter than the hair on the top. But keep the fringe long in all cases. To maintain this hairstyle, dry it with a towel, add some paste or putty, followed by brushing with your hair dryer at its hottest and speed lowest. Use a strong hair spray, to sweep others off their feet!


The Short Style

If you don’t want to take any risks, or spend too much time on maintaining your hair, yet look completely dapper, then the Short Style is the style for you. This hairstyle comes with a retro side parting and is a modern version of the time proven Slick Back.

Your stylist will keep the sides and back of your hair short, maybe about an inch long. He should keep the top at least four inches long to allow for the side parting. Make the side parting in the direction of the growth of your hair while your hair is still wet. Use some pomade or paste too keep it in place. Use a setting spray if your hair is still unruly.


The Shoulder Length Cut

This is among the more stylish hairstyles for men, if you like your hair long, almost walking the ramp style. The Shoulder Length cut however will not suit those with very straight hair nor those with curly hair. If your hair is none of the two, go for this style once your hair reaches your shoulders.

Your stylist will add choppy layers to remove extra volume and to give it shape. If after styling your hair looks too curly use a texturiser. If it looks too straight go for a loose perm. Then make heads turn with the subtle waves you create every time you turn your head.


Last but not the least

Styling your hair is only the first step. Maintaining it using the right products and treatments relevant to your particular style. This will clinch the deal.

  • Always ask your stylist for recommendations on the kinds of each product that you should use, and also a thorough briefing on how to use each. Look for Vitamins A, B6, C and K in your conditioner. Or use plain yogurt!
  • Waxes are out and putties and pastes are in. They are neither too shiny or too sticky and can be used where needed by just using your fingers.
  • Use pomade when you want a strong hold on your hair – preferably a water based one. Do not use too much of it.
  • Use a hair dryer as directed by your stylist. Choose your brushes and combs carefully or just use your fingers, depending on the hairstyle you go for.
  • Towel dry your hair gently, since doing it vigorously can make your hair more.

So go ahead and visit your favourite salon armed with this list of hairstyles for men!

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