Hair breakage: 7 most common causes and preventions

Break ups and splits are scary things for your hair too!

While we will not go into giving you relationship advice, but wish you only the best in that, we do have a few words to share if you are worried about hair breakage or split ends. Firstly we can help you understand why hair breakage happens, and along the way we can suggest some easy preventive methods and remedies that can put the style back in your hair as well as the smile on your face!

Let’s understand some of the reasons behind hair breakage.


1. Dehydration of your hair and scalp

Hair, as do all other parts of your body, needs its fair share of moisture. Otherwise naturally it gets brittle and starts splitting at the ends and breaking off. This dehydration could be for a variety of reasons. Either you are not drinking enough fluids which can be tackled by monitoring your water intake, or the water in your taps is hard with heavy metals and chlorine which can be tackled by using special filtering shower heads, or your shampoo and conditioner does not contain the amount of moisture required for your type of hair.


2. Sleeping on pillows with cotton pillow cases

While cotton might sound like an organic healthy option, the friction between the material and your hair will cause your hair to break more than if you opted for a satin or a silk pillow case. The micro fibres in cotton, however soft, snag your hair without you realizing it, and in your sleep, as you toss and turn, slowly and steadily damages your hair.


3. Blow drying your hair

Blow drying your hair immediately takes the moisture out of your hair, as it is supposed to do. And if you blow dry dripping wet hair you will tend to overdo the drying. If you have to blow dry it, you should dry your hair with a towel instead of rubbing it, and then blow dry it using as little heat as possible. Keep in mind that you should not pull unnecessarily at your hair while drying nor should the dryer be too close to your hair. A valuable tip is to just invest in a good quality blow dryer which dries hair quickly without overheating it.


4. Exposing your hair to too many harsh chemicals

Think twice before running to any salon to get a quick hair colour, straightening or perm before an evening out. The quick fixes are usually done using harsh chemicals, heat treatments and such which take the strength and health out of your hair leading it break and split and lose lustre days after the treatment. Go for tried and tested treatments at renowned salons instead if you have to, and make sure that the chemicals used actually add to the health of your hair instead of taking from it. If severely damaged, cut your hair as short as possible, and go for salon-grade hair rejuvenation treatments to revoke the damage. If that sounds like too much work, just get yourself a good deep conditioner.


5. Washing your hair more than is necessary

Your scalp produces its own natural oils to keep it and the hair hydrated, healthy and supple. Washing it more than is necessary to take off accumulated grime also washes these natural oils away. And the hair gets brittle and starts splitting and breaking. If you really have to wash your hair more often, do so with fortified shampoos and conditioners and use nothing but cold water to wash it off.


6. Not trimming your hair at regular intervals

Split ends, once formed, spread upwards along the length of your hair or just break off in the middle. To avoid that, get your hair trimmed or cut regularly as this will remove the newly formed split ends before they cause any upward damage.


7. Having an unbalanced diet

Just like the rest of your body, the health of your hair depends on your diet. But it has to be balanced. Protein is good in helping rebuild damaged hair while fluids help keep it supple and hydrated. At the same time, too much protein can make your hair brittle for the wrong reasons, while too much moisture would make your hair too flexible and elastic. Get expert advice on what kind of diet would suit you as well as your hair best.


Extra loving care to prevent hair breakage

Apart from the preventions and remedies above, some tender loving care will keep your hair in good shape, and prevent hair breakage. Try some of the masks or oils mentioned here, and follow them up with a herbal shampoo wash, twice a week. Hair breakage will be a thing of the past after this! Alternatively, you can visit a salon to get regular hair treatments, and keep your tresses healthy!

  • Coconut oil or almond oil overnight.
  • Coconut milk or castor oil for a couple of hours.
  • Honey, coconut milk and normal milk mask for a couple of hours.
  • Mashed ripe papaya, yogurt, and almond oil mask for a couple of hours.
  • Ripe banana and coconut milk mask for a couple of hours.
  • Egg white, coconut oil and honey mask for a couple of hours.
  • Mayonnaise and aloe vera gel mask for a couple of hours.
  • Avocado and almond oil mask for a couple of hours.
  • Powdered fenugreek and curd mask for half an hour.
  • Onion juice, coconut oil and olive oil mask for a couple of hours.
  • Apply moroccan oil or argan oil, after every time you shampoo.


With this starter pack of advice, we are sure you will soon start having a good hair day, every day!

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