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The eternal quest for the Time Machine

Since time immemorial man has looked at scientists for answers, and scientists have tried in vain, till now at least, to invent a Time Machine. Men have wanted it for various reasons. To go back into the past or to see what the future holds. Either out of pure academic curiousity or for personal reasons. One such personal reason has been in order to be a child again, free of the shackles of adulthood. Every one of us have wished at some point or the other, even at the cost of having to do homework all over again, that we could go back to those days which are unmatched in their goodness. What made them so good? Why do we wish we could be children again?


We get love without seeking it

Did you know there is a popular theory that Mother Nature makes all its babies, be it in the animal or human world, snub-nosed, curvy, soft and adorable looking to ensure that the baby has the maximum chances of survival? This is because, according to the theory, those features release maternal hormones in other humans or animals which make the latter more often than not want to love and take care of the baby! Theory or not, even the most hardest of individuals cannot hide a smile when they see a baby gurgling and kicking about happily. And love happens automatically and instantly. Which is why babies and children are loved and pampered by all around them. Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


We do not have to put others before ourselves

Come on, being selfish feels nice, doesn’t it? It is our conditioning as an adult that makes us feel guilty every time we put ourselves before others. As a baby or child that guilt simply does not exist. So you can reach for the biggest piece of cake without asking, the red carpet treatment is your birth right, and not getting your way all the time is simply taken care of through tantrums which work more often than not. The best part is, you get away with it all, and, as we said, no niggling feeling of guilt robs you of your baby sleep either. Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


In fact we do are not expected to do anything at all for others

As children, if we as much as smile at the other person who happens to be around, that person feels he or she has been touched by God! Nothing is expected of us, and any thing we do for any body else is actually overwhelmingly acclaimed and appreciated! Not that we need to care. The beauty of not having to do something for someone else because society demands it is almost spiritual in nature, and best of all, adults seem to have no problem with it at all! Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


We do not have any responsibilities. At all.

As children we have no responsibilities. No commitments to keep. No promises to make. No deadlines to meet. Nothing at all to be answerable for. How completely stress free and happy a life is that! No wonder children smile and laugh so easily. And ailments are limited to physical ones with none that touch the mind. Even if we do not do our home work, it is our parents who get hauled up by the teachers and not us! Then come the candies and cajoling so we do them the favour of doing our home work. Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


Our needs and wants are all taken care of at all times

We don’t even have to voice our needs. And usually mentioning only once what we want gets adults in a tangle about who will get the thing to us first and thus win, if they are lucky, a smile. Life is a glorious play when you want to, sleep when you want to, do what you want to time, while others see to it that we have enough fuel to keep us going, the right medicines when the bug bites, and extra chocolates hidden here and there for times of emergency. Gifts pop out of bags of every visitor like magic. And extra gifts pop up when we need to get vaccinated, the dates of which of course are not our headache either. We are put in the best schools possible and hand-held through our first glorious scrawly alphabet, applauded when we pick up a glass of water to drink on our own. Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


We are spoilt silly

While some try to discipline us, there is always someone else with greater authority to stand up for our cause and tell us that it is okay not to do our home work this one day and go out and play. While one makes an appointment with the dentist, there are many others filling our pockets with candies on the side. There is a birthday on the birth date, and then there is a second birthday over the weekend when the friends can come and help bring the house down. Pampered, pampered, pampered is the mantra of childhood and getting more than what we actually need is a given. Who, in their right senses, would not want to go back to that state of existence?


Good news is, if even for some time, now you can reclaim your childhood.

Introducing Enrich and Belita’s version of the Time Machine with our ‘You First Membership’

When you enroll for the membership, you reclaim your childhood in its most important aspect that sums up all of the above. You come first. For the time you spend in our hands, you get love without seeking it as we take over. You do not have to put others before yourself because we won’t let you do so. You do not have to do anything for anyone else and just let us take care of you. You can put away your responsibilities for the time being because at that point the responsibility is solely ours to make you feel good. Your needs and wants will be taken care of. And yes, you will leave feeling so completely pampered that you will actually feel you spent some time as the child you once were. And yes, there are the extra candies and chocolates, like 30% discount on newly introduced services which are launched almost every month, a 25% discount on billing of Rs. 5,000 and above, so you get even greater value for your spend, 20% discount on all services right from threading to straightening, complimentary basic services to help you look your best, along with a host of other special privileges and special offers. Gift yourself access to the Time Machine. Enrol now!

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