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Stop losing hair over hair loss

Hair fall is a common problem faced by all at some or many points of their lives. Yet it is something that worries and demoralizes any one a lot every time it happens. There is a very simple way to tackle this when it happens next. Just get some tests done after consulting a doctor to determine the cause. The causes are a few and are well defined. So finding it will not be difficult. Once you get the test results, read on to find out what it means and how you tackle it in each case. As simple as that.


Physical or emotional stress

This, surprisingly, is the most common cause of hair fall. Any kind of physical trauma by way of illness, accident or injury can trigger it off. The good news is that usually this kind of hair fall is temporary. Normally hair goes through a growth phase, a rest phase, and a shedding phase. A physical shock tends to accelerate the hair to its shedding phase. Which soon passes on its own. Emotional stress is a part and parcel of today’s life style and hardly any one is immune from it. But there are ways to overcome hair fall caused by stress gently and at home.


Help reduce hair fall from stress

Apart from letting your body recover by itself and then letting your hair grow back once that happens, can tackle hair loss from emotional stress by calming your mind through meditation, yoga, connecting with positive people, encouraging laughter, listening to your kind of music, doing the exercises you love doing. Basically, let your body recover, and help your mind heal. And you will see the slowing down and eventual stopping of hair fall.



It is only if you are very lucky that you will not lose hair after your pregnancy. So no point stressing about that. Specially when your hair starts falling out in clumps as soon as you have had your delivery. Do not give it much thought and enjoy your baby, as this hair loss is natural and will stop by itself in due course. You can however speed up the process with a few relaxing home care tips.


Help reduce hair fall from pregnancy

Apart from just waiting for it to stop, you can also switch to using only organic products on your hair and scalp. Massage your scalp occasionally with luke warm coconut, almond, jojoba or olive oil. A massage with aloe vera gel might also help. Take amla powder orally or massage amla oil into your hair. A paste of neem applied on the scalp works wonders. All these treatments are relaxing and are good for any kind of hair.


Too much Vitamin A

While Vitamin A is very good for your body, too much of a good thing is not so good either. So while you should have your fair share of carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, spinach, butter, broccoli and eggs, don’t over do it either as it might lead to hair fall.


Help reduce hair fall from too much Vitamin A

Nothing much to do here except cut down on Vitamin A rich food. Stop having any in fact till your hair stops falling. Then resume those foods in moderate amounts.


Lack of protein

Protein is essential for your body’s regenerative functions. So if you do not have enough of it, the body starts rationing the protein reaching your hair follicles and saves it for other parts of your body. As a result your hair starts falling off.


Help reduce hair fall from lack of protein

Simply, notch up your protein intake. So eat as much as you can of protein rich food like cottage cheese, tuna fish, pumpkin seeds, chocolate milk, hard boiled eggs, almonds, oatmeal and peanut butter. Then just wait for the body to start functioning normally again.



Heredity is a very common yet mostly untreatable cause of hair loss. It starts at a certain age, usually earlier than is what is normal in the process of ageing, and leads to baldness in men and thinning of hair in women.


Help reduce hair fall from heredity

You can try some prescription medicines to slow down the rate of hair fall after consulting a doctor. Or you can go for hair transplant by which you will never have to worry about hair fall again.


Female hormones

Women go through a lot of physiological changes, much more than men, through their lives and are also consumers of birth control pills which play around with their hormones. Hormonal imbalances occur every time a woman is pregnant, when she menstruates, when she menopauses, and so on. Each of these things affect the scalp and lead to hair fall more often than not.


Help reduce hair fall from hormonal changes

Apart from taking prescription medicines after consulting a doctor, maintaining a healthy eating style by eating more fiber, more protein, less carbohydrate, and popping a good multivitamin will work wonders.



Anemia is a big reason for hair fall among women. This is because women are very prone to iron deficiency. But just as this is common, so also is the ease with which you can tackle it.


Help reduce hair fall from anemia

Apart from having a prescribed iron supplement, eat a healthy balanced iron rich diet full of spinach, peas, lean meat, lean fish, dry fruits, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, melons and tomatoes.



If you have thyroid glands that are not working effectively enough, apart from other problems, hair loss is a major one.


Help reduce hair fall from hypothyroidism

First of all consult your doctor and have the prescribed medicines to bring your thyroid levels to normal. Once they are, try ayurvedic hair remedies like triphala, kachanar guggulu, varunadi kasay and ashwagandha. Check that your Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 levels are not below normal. Add a lot of ginger and turmeric to your diet. Avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol and coffee.



We sincerely hope this is not the cause of your hair loss, but if it is, then do not worry your hair will grow back once the chemotherapy treatment is stopped. Be prepared for the texture of your hair to be different though.



If your antidepressants are causing your hair to fall, immediately let your doctor know so that he can either change the dose or the medicine.



There is no harm in styling your hair, but when you do it, make sure you give your hair the right treatment and make sure the ingredients used are not harmful in any way. Also make sure to go as easy on the chemicals and heat treatments as possible. A few good habits any one should have is to condition their hair after every shampoo and then letting their hair air dry.

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