10 beauty mistakes to avoid this winter

Go negative for positive results

While the tips and suggestions are doing quite the rounds about how to keep your skin, hair and body healthy now that Winter is setting in, there is not much about the things that you should AVOID doing this Winter. Here are a list of things that you should NOT do in order to retain your beauty during these lovely months which are not so kind on your skin.


Do NOT overdo the heat treatment

While Winter seems the ideal time to soak into a hot bath and stay in it forever, this is a very bad idea in reality. Hot water, while great at removing dirt, is as great in removing the natural oils from your skin while completely damaging the layer of lipid under your skin that helps in locking in existing moisture. And Winter is the time your skin needs this natural moisturization the most. What you should do is keep the water luke warm, and finish your shower in five minutes. Also, moisturize your skin with rich replenishing formulas after your shower, while it is still damp, to immediately replenish what is lost. Indulge in warm cozy woolens to keep yourself warm. Not in hot water baths.


Do NOT reduce your fluid intake

While you thought Summer was the time to boost up on your water and fluids regime, what you probably did not know is that Winter is a time when you probably need more of it. This is because the weather is stripping your skin of all its moisture so you need that much more added hydration to balance the loss. Not having enough water during Winter will not only dehydrate your skin but will also make you more fatigued, dizzy, give you a dry mouth and make you sluggish all over. The skin reacts by chapping, wrinkling, sagging, losing its glow and gaining an unhealthy ashen colour. If guzzling gallons of water in the cold does not sound appealing, fill in with hot teas, decaf coffees, or hot water with a bit of lemon. Go easy on the sugar though.


Do NOT ignore your diet

While you would normally go for heat-inducing foods this season, you need to actually eat food packed with fluids. Apples, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, spinach, baby carrots, tomatoes and citrus fruits are good examples of such food. Also go for foods rich in antioxidants like grapes, pomegranates, cranberries and blueberries.


Do NOT use the cleanser you used in Summer

Summer cleansers are water based. Winter cleansers are oil based. So while cleansers are a must no matter the season before you do anything to your skin, choosing the right cleanser as per the season is the right thing to do. Hydrating oil based cleansing milks work wonders during Winter and moisturizes while removing make up, dirt and other impurities from your skin. Make sure your cleanser is not foam based.


Do NOT miss out on exfoliation

While exfoliation is good at all times, it is an absolute necessity during Winter. Not only does it remove the rapidly building up dry flaky skin, but also makes the skin more receptive of the moisturization you will apply on it later on. In fact, during this season, exfoliate your entire body at least three times a week for best results. One thing though. While grainy exfoliators are good for Summer, they might be too harsh for Winter. You might want to switch to a gentle chemical exfoliator for a while. Also, do not forget to moisturize immediately after your exfoliation regime.


Do NOT avoid the Sun

Though the Sun may be weak during Winter, and the weather too cold to step out, do your body a favour and give it a healthy dose of sunlight in Winter. This is because sunlight gives your skin, body and vital organs the Vitamin D it needs to function properly. Sunlight also causes a rise in serotonin levels, which keep depression and the Winter blues away. A healthy dose of sunlight in Winter is equivalent to about half an hour of being outdoors per day.


Do NOT stop using sunscreen

While we just said that you need enough exposure to sunlight, that does not mean that you go easy on the use of sunscreen. This is because, just as sunlight has its benefits, the ultraviolet rays of the Sun are no good for your skin at all. So regular use of sunscreen helps your skin take only the goodness out of being outside while blocking the harmful effects on your skin and body. You might think that a weak Winter sun will emanate less ultraviolet rays, but that is not the case. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 20, if not 30, protection, and while applying it don’t forget your hands and feet too.


Do NOT neglect your hands and feet

Our tendency in all seasons is to concentrate on the face, and forget the hands and feet. While at other times, one can get away with that, in Winter cracked heels and dry hands become painfully obvious. So whatever your moisturizing regime is for your face, it applies to your hands and feet too. With some more attention added to it. Avoid alcohol based sanitizers. Use specially formulated hand and foot creams overnight. Rub in some moisturizer every time you wash your hands. Pay special attention to your nails and cuticles which will tend to gather more dust than usual this season.


Do NOT stop using water proof eye make up

Winter causes your eyes to water so stick to your water proof eye products during this season too. You don’t want to end up with runny smudged eyes for no reason at all, because your eyes will water, and there is nothing you can do about that.


Do NOT lick your lips

Licking your lips is not a good idea for any season, but is specially not good during Winter as saliva tends to dry out your lips even more. While using lip balms is a must in Winter, if you have a habit of licking your lips any way, go for a flavoured lip balm so that you are reminded there is something on your lips every time you try to lick it. When you choose a lip balm, go for one that is not non-waxy. Also, do not forget to layer on some lip balm before going to sleep at night.


Do NOT let static destroy your hair this Winter

While we tend to concentrate on our skin in the Winter, we often forget that our hair has it really hard during this season too. What with static, dandruff and the works. Use clarifying shampoo during Winter, deep condition it, and run some hand cream into your hair to keep it healthy and as beautiful as in any other season.

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