Skin care tips to protect your skin this winter

The season for a lot of things

Winter is here. Along with the much awaited cold weather, the excitement of shopping for and flaunting colourful cozy woolens, the steaming cups of tea at road side stalls, the sunny patch on the bed, the pleasure of diving deep inside a quilt, the festive season, holidays, vacations, and… skin that makes you feel more like an alligator than a human being! Don’t let that get you down henceforth. Here are a few simple skin care tips that will help you enjoy this season without worrying about the skin nor compromising on its health and glow.


Luke warm water

There is nothing like soaking inside a warm water tub or taking a warm shower in the chill. But while at it, do be careful that the water is only luke warm and never hot. Hot water strips your skin of all its essential natural oils and makes your winter dry skin even more dry. In a matter of moments. And the damage done is not easy to undo. Also remember, that very cold water will have the same effect on your skin in Winter. So stick to luke warm water not just in the bath, but also when you are just washing your face and hands.


Moisturize and then moisturize again

Even if the water is luke warm, moisturize immediately afterwards to retain the dampness your skin absorbed from the wash. Keeping moisturizer bottles placed strategically near the shower and at wash basins will help you stick to this good Winter habit every time. Also make it a habit to moisturize your skin in between too. Moisturizers are essential for every skin type during Winter. But choose you moisturizer wisely. Light ones which saw you through Summer will not be enough in Winter. Choose an oil based moisturizer instead of a water based one. But choose the oils wisely. Some oils like shea oil will not be good on your face as it tends to clog pores. Avocado oil, almond oil and primrose oil can safely be used on your face too. Try to go for a chemical free moisturizer, or simply mix in some extra virgin olive oil into your daily cold cream or lotion.


Take care at night too

Another great time to lather on the moisturizer is before going to bed, so your skin can absorb it steadily as you sleep. But before that make it a habit to deep clean your skin so the moisturizer gets to work on a skin free from the day’s wear, tear and dirt.


It is the season for exfoliation

With the skin drying out in Winter so fast, dead cells layer up as fast. Keep your skin well exfoliated to get rid of these dead cells not only to avoid ugly dry patches but also to help the moisturizer penetrate efficiently. And exfoliating body wash is a good idea as it saves time since it exfoliates while you are taking your daily bath. You can make your own exfoliator at home by mashing a ripe banana, an apple, some honey along with a bit of mild scrub.


Use a different cleanser

Just like your Summer moisturizers will not work for you in Winter, the same with cleansers. In fact, even more so. This is because while moisturizes moisturize, cleansers actually dry your skin out. Yet cleansing is a must, no matter the season, before any thing else can be applied to your skin. In winter, go for cleansers with less glycolic or salicylic acid, and go for more hydrating versions. Also, in Winter, remember to use a moisturizer within thirty seconds of cleansing.


Drink plenty of water

This is true for all seasons, but for all different reasons. In Winter, while moisturizers hydrate your drying skin from the outside, enough water intake keeps it hydrated from inside too. In a more effective way than any moisturizer in the world. Not only will it keep your skin healthy, it will give it a natural glow and elasticity. The glow and elasticity of good health. Hydrating from the inside does not only mean water though. Eating foods with high water content like lemon, watermelon, apple, cantaloupe, kiwi, oranges, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers also add to the fluids in your body along with extra nutrition.


Eat the right food

Eating certain foods improves your blood circulation which helps water and nutrients reach your skin more efficiently, thereby leading to it being softer and more supple. Foods with lots of antioxidants and Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7, Omega 9, nuts and fruits fit the bill.


Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen

It is a myth that you need sunscreen only when the Sun is out in all its glory. You need it no matter what the season or the Sun is like. This is because sunscreen not only protects your skin from tanning, but more importantly, protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Which are present no matter how strong the Sun is, all through the day. So do not miss out on this very important skin care routine just because it is Winter.


Take cover

While you lather on all the goodness onto your skin, it would be a good idea to wrap up not just because of the cold, but to keep all the hydration in. Do that in style with warm and pretty scarves and other Winter clothing.


And when you have the time

While the above tips are quick to do and should be a part of your daily Winter regime, indulge in some Winter special face masks when you have the fifteen minutes to lie back and relax. Some home made do it yourself face masks that are specially suited for the Winter are as follows: Mashed papaya with banana and honey, almond powder in raw milk, yogurt in buttermilk, glycerin, petroleum jelly, egg yolks beaten with a few drops of olive oil, avocado in honey, virgin coconut oil, lemon in honey, plain sunflower oil, strawberries in honey and fresh cream, honey in raw milk, to name a few.


Remember skin does not only mean your face

While you take on the task of keeping your skin healthy during the Winter months, remember that it is not only your face that we are talking about. We are talking about the skin of your entire body, including your hands, toes, elbows and knees. Do not neglect these parts and give them the Winter treatment too!


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