What makes you different makes you beautiful

Love begins with you

This is the philosophy of Enrich Salons. And this is what differentiates Enrich from other salons. Enrich does not simply work from the outside, but tries to simply enhance the beauty that lies within each person. It also recognises beauty as being the manifestation of love. Not only in the eyes of the beholder but love for yourself for being yourself. Here is one of the many examples of how different people spread love differently and have their own brand of inner beauty.


A box of crayons

Imagine a box of crayons with only red. You can paint the town with it, but only for one night. Then you would get bored. Imagine a box of crayons with only yellow. You could draw the sunniest of pictures all day. And the next day you would feel a bit blind. Now imagine a box of crayons the way we know it. All of different colours. Can keep us happy forever because of its variety. Same thing with beauty. If being beautiful was being one thing, it would be anything but. But if beauty differed from person to person, like it does in the real world, that is when life starts getting interesting and really beautiful. And here we are talking about inner beauty, which fortunately comes in various types. Adding colour to the painting called life.


The beauty of being different

Being different really means being yourself. Because each of us have been born different. It is up to us to find that inner self and let it manifest itself in all its glory. When a person is true to his or her self, he or she discovers the person he or she is, and then comes across as a clear headed person who does and says what he or she genuinely feels. That makes the person confident, trustworthy, and beautiful. Would you prefer a striker who lies to your face or the opinions of someone you can trust? Would you like to be flattered all the time and always be in doubt, or would you rather bask in the glory of genuine praise? And if you are yourself strong enough, a person who is an honest person can criticize you, and you will be able to use that to your benefit in improving yourself and make your own self a more beautiful person in turn.


It makes you a more peaceful person

Once a person has found his or her self, he or she becomes surprisingly stress free. This shows, and more importantly, it infects. When you become a calm person, people will love to be around you just to feel relaxed. A very rare feeling in today’s stressful world. Indeed a very beautiful feeling. Peaceful people don’t become so easily. They too have their share of stress in life. But they have the positivity to overcome it, because, with a better understanding of oneself, comes a coping mechanism which one can put to good use.


It makes your relationships last

Because you know who you are, a very unique person, what you want from others or can give to others is very clear in your head. This is because you do not give in to expectations of others but have your own little guide book in your head. This leads to less misunderstandings when it comes to relationships. Add to this the fact that you being yourself will attract only those who value this beauty in you and it will not come as a shock to them later. They will love you for being you and will continue to do so as long as you continue being so.


You make a difference by being different

You make the world realize that beauty cannot be stereotyped. Behaviour cannot be stereotyped. Expectations and reactions cannot be stereotyped. You help the world be more open once they have learnt and loved to accept you because you are the way you are and not what society wants you to be. You also make the world a better place to live in because of the different ideas you throw up which people can consider, experiment with and take forward.


Look for the different

Look around you and it will not be difficult to spot. Because people who have the strength of character to be different from others, not just for the sake of being so, but because they have accepted their inner personality, stand out in the crowd with their different kind of beauty. Let us look at one example of such person who we are all familiar with.


Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin, an Indian actress of French descent, is not only known for her screen and stage presence but also for a variety of other things which we will come to shortly. She has won many awards including the National Film Award, two Screen Awards, and a Filmfare Award. She is known for her work in theatre as much as her work in film, if not more. She did not just go for acting but studied drama and theatre in London and then decided that this was her calling. Apart from that she is a poet and a writer who voices her opinions on feminism, gender equality, gender pay gap, women empowerment, environment, animals, trees, LGBT rights, health, children’s education, child sexual abuse, senior citizen welfare and everything else under the sun that actually matters.

How does that make her a different kind of beauty?

She is beautiful no doubt. A style icon, she is also known as the queen of experimental fashion. No stereotypes for her. She is known to be a non conformist which starts from her unconventional looks on the outside to her views and personality inside. She has so much to say on so many things, but we can see that they are all topics that should be addressed. She is clear in her head and that gives her the conviction to go ahead and take a stance on these issues. She has delved deep within herself and now that she understands herself, she has gone ahead and manifested that in what she talks about and how she talks about it. As a child she had been sexually abused and had been afraid to talk about it. That led her towards her journey within herself and self discovery, and she used it to the benefit of society instead of keeping it hidden inside of her by, as an adult, being highly vociferous about child sexual abuse and the ways to go about preventing it. In her work in films, her belief says it all about being a different kind of beauty. She says that she is glad that she has been offered different roles and has not ever been typecast.


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