Beauty is the opposite of perfection, it is about confidence charisma and character

Love begins with you

This is the philosophy of Enrich Salons. And this is what differentiates Enrich from other salons. Enrich does not simply work from the outside, but tries to simply enhance the beauty that lies within each person. It also recognises beauty as being the manifestation of love. Not only in the eyes of the beholder but love for yourself for being yourself. Here is one of the many examples of how different people spread love differently and have their own brand of inner beauty.

Beauty in imperfection

There is a beautiful woman with flawless skin. And then there is the same woman with a tiny at the corner of her lips. There is a lovely smile. Then there is the same smile with a slight imperfection in the teeth that one would die for. Beauty is not about perfection all the time. Sometimes, or rather at most times, it is something more. Which could be about a flaw. Which could also be about a beauty that is not just skin deep. It could be about confidence, charisma and character.

What is confidence, charisma and character in a woman?

It is about being strong-willed as a person, and not being ashamed to show it. And I don’t mean it in a bravado way. I mean living, breathing, and breathing that conviction that exudes positivity. So it might not always be on the face, but has to be read into in between the lines of her everyday behaviour. This manifests itself into beauty because a woman who has confidence, charisma and character, glows with these virtues. A glow more real and deep than a cosmetic can give you. A cream can only help enhance this glow.


How to identify such a woman in a crowd?

While it is easy to spot someone with these traits among people you know because you know the strength in their belief and being, how do you make out someone has these traits amongst people you don’t know? In her instant smile that is driven by confidence. Confidence usually makes a woman more successful in what she is doing. Which in turn makes her a happier person. And this in turn manifests itself into a beautiful smile. You can also make these traits out in how she carries herself. A confident woman does not need to be the best turned out, nor does she have to practice the cat walk. She will stride into a room and eyes will turn as will hearts. She will attract people, for no obvious reason that one will immediately be able to pin point. Let us look at someone we know in real life who is beautiful because of the way she is.

Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta is an actress of acclaim since a long time. She has made many commercial films in her time, but her work in Indian art films made her more famous than ever before. While there were many actors and actresses of those times who ruled the silver screen, few are still instantly recognized by the present generation. Neena Gupta is one of them. This is not just because of her acting, but because of her personal life story which prove to us that she is a woman of substance and extraordinary character because of the choices she made and the life she led.

Neena Gupta, Vivian Richards, and the choice that defined her

Even in today’s day and age, a woman would think a hundred times if in her place, about rankling society, her own life and more. Twenty seven years ago Neena Gupta found herself to be pregnant after an affair with one of the world’s top cricketers, Vivian Richards. Instead of hushing it all up and getting into a tangle, she just boldly went ahead with the pregnancy and was soon the proud single mother of Masaba. She brought her up to be an amazing and content young lady, and the job she did of it was amazing to say the least. Even today, a woman under similar circumstances, would think a hundred times about making such a decision and think more about herself, society and a million other aspects before deciding what to do. Neena Gupta just went ahead without a second thought. And earned a huge amount of respect for it, no less.

Tough, practical, sensitive and with immense self-respect

That is how we could sum her up. The decision she took specially in those days was a tough one. How she brought her daughter up was practical and hence the best. The proof lies in the pudding, Masaba, herself. She was sensitive at the same time and did not hide anything from her daughter and gave her the choice of being in touch with her biological father and did not judge her on that ever. What she gained was immense self-respect which fuelled her further to live her life on her own simple terms with no regrets regarding her decision.

At the same time shy and vulnerable

She carries off her decisions and life not with bravado, but, in fact, with immense shyness. A shyness that is her nature, and not the result of any shame she feels about anything she has done. She is a strong woman and she agrees that in India strong woman equals bad woman. But that didn’t stop her ever. She says she is a very vulnerable person herself. Which makes her character that much more charming and endearing. She agrees she is honest to a fault. Which apparently intimidates others. Not us though! People who know her intimately, including her daughter, describe her to be the most kind and normal person they have met and in no way bitter about anything. Yes, a strong character need not be a hard one!

To be strong enough to be humble

She was on the news recently for her most endearing post on Instagram where she applied for work. She described herself, not as THE Neena Gupta of National Award winning fame, but as someone living in Mumbai who is working, is a good actor, and is looking for good parts to play! Who would do that, given her claim to fame, unless backed by the strength of character to be so humble! If that is not beautiful, what is?

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