I’m beautiful because I think I am

Love begins with you

This is the philosophy of Enrich Salons. And this is what differentiates Enrich from other salons. Enrich does not simply work from the outside, but tries to simply enhance the beauty that lies within each person. It also recognises beauty as being the manifestation of love. Not only in the eyes of the beholder but love for yourself for being yourself. Here is one of the many examples of how different people spread love differently and have their own brand of inner beauty.


The power of belief

It is common knowledge, that if you believe it, you can do it. It is the mantra that is used, and now overused, to motivate people in every field of work or activities. But what about being beautiful? Did you know that the same theory applies here too? Yes. You can be beautiful if you believe you are beautiful. This is because no amount of powder and make up can hide lack of self confidence in your own self. You can be ‘correctly’ skinny and get into tight jeans and look awkward. Again, you can be plump and flaunt a pair of tight jeans with elan. It is about how you carry off your look or clothes. And that in turn depends on yourself thinking and believing that you are beautiful.


It is NOT  human nature to want what you don’t have

No. It is not. But, more often than not, society and a faulty education system that teaches but does not educate, unknowingly steer us into wanting what we don’t have. Those who can overcome that, and realize for themselves that innate human nature is not about that, find it easier to believe in themselves instead of wanting something else, something more. When it comes to being beautiful, the one person who can decide how much of ‘beautiful enough’ is enough, is you. Once you come to terms with that, your beauty WILL show.


So it all adds up to being and accepting who you are

Every one has been subjected to those passing comments and judgements that has disoriented them, if lucky for a second, and if unlucky, for life. The trick is to stop heeding those ghost voices and listening to the ones inside you instead. You have what Creation gave you. It is up to you to make the best of that and flaunt it. Another common mistake one makes is equating beauty with social approval. If you believe you are beautiful enough, then you will have the power to change the way the world around you defines beauty. Just like Phoebe Buffay did in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Phoebe Buffay

Whoever is familiar with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will agree that when she first made her appearance on the very popular series, no one really noticed her. But just a few episodes into it, people were waiting for her to show up. At the end of the show, the world was in love with her and she was arguably the most popular and beautiful person on the sets. This is because Phoebe believed in herself, however whacko her views were, and never ever hesitated to express it. She not just thought, but knew, that she was a beautiful person inside and out, and her behavior that arose from this belief made us think so too. Here are a few examples that made her so beautiful.

She was beautiful because she preached good vibes

She was all about auras, spirituality, peace, love and harmony in her own whacky and endearing way. She said things like “Don’t hate. You don’t want to put that out in the universe.” And the simple way she said such things made her ever so beautiful.


She was beautiful in how she tackled anxiety

There was a moment in the series where her friends were getting themselves into a tangle about a phone call that no one wanted to take. She screamed at them “Seriously, answer the freakin’ phone!”. That is Phoebe Buffay. Simple solutions to simple problems, get it over with, and move on to a better space.


She was beautiful in her being candid about her priorities in life

She said “I want world peace. Oh, and bigger b**bs!”. The beauty lay in the fact that she meant it. All of it. And was unashamed to say it.


She was beautiful because she sang in spite of what the world thought of it

Her songs were hated “Your love is like a giant pigeon, crapping on my heart”. But she was loved for them. Because she did not care. She had to express herself, however unconventionally that may be.

She was beautiful because she was serious about not taking life seriously

She was always ready to laugh and to make others laugh with her. At everything no matter how solemn. And what is more beautiful than an honest heartfelt laugh?


She was beautiful because of her complete honesty

It was very easy to be herself because it is the easiest thing to be perfectly honest. We often wish we could say no but would think about what others would think of that. She just said “Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to” without batting an eyelid.

She was beautiful because she gave of herself so freely

She was always the agony aunt, albeit with the whackiest solutions to their problems. Then there is the famous part where she goes through a pregnancy to give birth to triplets only to give them to her brother who could not have children of his own. It caused her as much pain as happiness.


She was beautiful because of her eternal optimism

Phoebe Buffay did not have it easy in life. She had one of the roughest childhoods ever, which included bad parenting, homelessness, joblessness and more. She went through relationships that did not work. But that did not put her down even for a second nor deter her from believing that true love would come along. And it did.


She was beautiful because she was as confident as the sun

That confidence stemmed from her believing in herself and her own inner and outer beauty. She was fabulous and she knew it. And her self-assuredness is enviable. And beautiful.


She was beautiful because she was so bossy that one would love to have her as one

Others around her were always careful about what they were saying and how they were behaving so as not to hurt others or get into a messy confrontation. That is society’s ‘right way of doing things’. Phoebe never cared. If she had to boss around to put things in order and perspective, she just went ahead and did it. And no one hated her for it because it solved things directly.

How to be as beautiful as her

Believe in following your passion. Be there for your friends. Do or say what makes you happy as long as it does not harm. Come out of closets. Be honest to a fault. Get your priorities straight. Don’t go by the rule book. Follow your heart. Be confident about how beautiful you are. That’s all there is to it.

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